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Best Rechargeable Flashlight

A flashlight belongs to such things that you may not remember up until you’re really need it right now. And when it happens – you may get very upset finding out that it is not so quick task to locate the best fitting flashlight for you. Why you may need rechargeable flashlight is that batteries often get discharged even if you’re not using the flashlight. This kind of electronics is consuming power even when switched off. So you are in need of light urgently and batteries are gone, well done. Go for rechareable option and you won’t ever get in such a trap. You just need to put the flashlight to it’s charger after each usage and forget about it, the electronics will do all the rest. Saving money on batteries is also a nice bonus.

Recently rechargeable tools are becoming more and more popular due to usability and growing reliability of this technology. Besides that, such tools use custom batteries that fit tight into the case and thus save a lot of space. Your resulting tool would be a lot more compact comparing to battery-driven one.

In order to make your choosing process easier, we gathered 100 flashlghts and gave those to testers. The testers chose only the best models and provided reviews of those. We have have compared all and made up a comparison table for you to quickly find out your perfect flashlight. Moreover, there are quick reviews of the best ones below.

First that you need to know is that flashlights can be different in their types: tactical, emergency, searchlights. You need to choose the type that you most often use. All of the flashlights presented in this review are based on LED technology and we advise you to use it only due to it’s indisputable advantages (lifespan, shock resistance, battery economy, luminance) over all other technologies.

So, let’s go check which is the best one for you.

Tactical, emergency or searchlight?

Tactical flashlight

The term “tactical” means heavy-duty military standard use or qualified professional setup.

A great example of such type is our best pick, Fenix PD35

Tactical torches were at first developed for military and police for usage together with or mounted on a weapon. The light was used this way in order to see all that is covering in dark areas and blinding enemies. To be lightweight and tough their case is typically made from aero grade aluminum, or otherwise – aluminum alloy. Besides being sturdy and light weight, such case would greatly resist scratching and all other kinds of impact.

Tactical equipment tends to have good grips to let people hold it in the course of extreme activities. Such equipment also should be as small as possible for specifications in order to save space in backpack or pockets.

Such a combination of advantages made tactical flashlights very popular in large audience besides initially targeted user groups.


Originally, searchlights were used in military and SAR operations to spot and assist in illumination of wide areas on large distances. Nowadays they are don’t have to be as strong and are applied in areas that tolerate lower lighting power. However, main principles stay the same – to illuminate on larger distance than usual flashlights and provide greater lighting power than average lights.

A perfect example of such light is STANLEY FATMAX

Due to their requirements, searchlights should have larger case, bigger capacity rechargeable batteries and stronger LED light source. For convenient and reliable handling a good handle is a must.

Emergency lights

You surely can use any flashlights that you can quickly take in case of emergency. However, using “emergency” grade would be advisable in such case due to their exceptional reliability and ease of usage. Usually such flashlights are not as nice-looking and more rough/bulky in appearance, they are usually plugged into specific places on the walls for easy access.

The best model in this category that we have evr saw is: Ivation emergency light

Battery technology

There are 2 kinds of rechargeable power elements – removable / non-removeable. Here we try to present all the flashlights with removable elements. However, searchlights and emergency torches usually have non-removable type.

The advantage of removable type is ability to replace the elements when they get nonfunctional or low-performing. Another benefit is that you can have spare batteries at hand so that you can prolong light’s working time when it runs out of power. And if you don’t have spare rechargeable – you can buy same type of non-rechargeable batteries in urgent necessity.

On the other hand, non-removable batteries have their own advantages: first of all, it charges quickly. There are also more space saving and not as much of moving parts. Suchbatteries are always made specifically for corresponding flashlight model.

You could also take battery life into consideration. However, it’s always a depending feature where you have to sacrifice the luminance in order to let it live longer. There is quite a big gap in such specification: 1-7.5 hours.

The most frequent type of removable battery is 18650-type. They are convenient because you can buy replacement in the majority of shops anywhere. It will take you around 4-6 hours to charge it depending on the capacity and charging current. The discharging shows the brightest illumination during first hour, then you have around 3 hours of acceptable light, and then light will get darker gradually.

Usually batteries supplied with the flashlights are not of the best capacity and overall quality. Sometimes they may lack overcharging or over discharging protection. This way you will increase lighting time for up to 2-3 hours. So you’d better to buy better ones from a third-party manufacturer and leave default ones as emergency power-up.

Quick reviews of best-performing flashlights

Fenix PD35

This is truly tactical flashlight that many people get in love with as soon as the they try it. The case is well-thought. There is a mode-switching button on the case’s side. the size is quite small so you can easily carry it on a daily basis.

Really small form-factor with straight slim barrel is very convenient while holding in hand and easy to put in your pocket. It is almost invisible when inside. The handle is designed with anti-roll grip and shape so you can safely use it in any conditions.

The light is provided by Cree XP-L ver.5 which is a very powerful LED with 50 thousands hours of working lifetime and nominal luminance is 1000 Lm. You can use one 18650-type battery or two of 3V CR123A. Overall length is 137mm (5.4 inches), the width and diameter is 1 inch (25.4 mm). The flashlight is very lightweight with 3.1 oz without batteries.


This flashlight proved to provide the most brightness over all tested ones. The field test has revealed 110 thousand lux on the distance of 3 feet from the head. The reflector is large and focused to provide a sharp beam far away. You can place it on the foldable stand or use it to hang the flashlight on the wall. You can use it for as long as 7 hours if you adjust the luminance to lowest setting. If you want the brightest light – you will have 4 stable hours of light.

If you forget switching off the light, it will do it itself for you to save the power – after one hour of working. It also switches off on brightest mode after a quick time. if you want it to stop saving light switching off – you need to change the mode to less bright one.

The battery is very effective and can hold the charge for tremendously long time when unused – up to 1 year.

This model predetermines easy charging without detaching anything from the flashlight. Therefore you can even use the light endlessly when charger is plugged in and charging the flashlight.

Ivation Emergency Light

We found this flashlight to be the best among the emergency type. You can use it simply as a night light, which is a fine additional function. It starts working as a flashlight as soon as you pull the charger cable out. The main material used for making this flashlight is a robust plastic. It’s edges are quite rounded and there is a glossy surface.

As with almost all emergency lights – it’s look is not a nice, seemingly robust or applicable for everyday usage. It was made for very specific purpose – using in emergency situations. There are 3 modes which basically means brightness levels.

This type of light is perfect for illuminating indoors where short distances are ok.

WASING Searchlight

This searchlight has usual design with a huge reflector. It has tough case and it’s handle is top-mounted, which is convenient if you want to use shoulder-strap. The charging cable is compact and is designed to be hidden in the case of light when unused. The charging is being made with cable attached to the light directly, no parts detaching. Foldable stand is also provided as a convenient accessory for usage as a floodlight.

This is almost the best flashlight in terms of brightness that we have ever saw. The first was STANLEY FATMAX. The difference comes from the spotlight shape.

This light may not feel as aestetic as our other best options shown here. However, this is compensated by the reliability and price. The weight is only 1.4 pounds so it’s very comfortable to carry. This one is perfect for camping and outdoor purposes.

Rated 4.1/5 based on 16 reviews

Best Mountain Bike – Fitting, Choosing and Buying

If you’re on a mission to find the best mountain bike for your journeys, this is the right review and comparison page that will help you make the right decision with confidence.

Our reviewers collected here only the most deserving bikes that have proved to be of exceptional comfort, best features and reliable riding. Leading technology advancements employed in these best models are assessed against retail price and finally the total score was assigned to make your choice even easier.

The suggested bikes were ordered for reviews and testers used them extensively in their home cities and around there for around a week, each day. All of the models suggested here were much appreciated by the guys and girls and most of them even bought same models themselves.

The bikes reviewed below are the top combination of comfort, versatility, features and reliability for affordable price.

Our choosing guide will walk you through the process of choice with ease and fun, you will know the amount of money it is fair to pay for a decent mountain bike. The main features are noted here as well so you can see and choose what is most important for you.

How much is it fair to spend?

Budget would be an important factor for newcomers and basically for many experienced riders. Wise people know how to value the money, right?

Your budget will greatly affect the final result in bikes. However, when you can spend more – you need to be sure that you’re getting real advantages. Likewise, when you’re saving – you need to be sure that you’re not ripping yourself of important factors like safety or necessary features.

So, let’s go check which is the best one for you.

Quick Reviews of Best Models

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike

This model is a bestseller and there are quite a few reasons for that. It is quite simple one though it has all it’s parts made with top-notch technologies and sub-parts are from famous brands. Aluminum frame makes it super easy to drive uphill. Plus, Single Pivot technology in the frame is a good factor. It has 24 Shimano drivetrain to fine-tune the riding load.

The dual suspension is a great factor to safety and nice riding. Shimano shifters are well respected among bike riders for a reason. Suspension can be adjusted at rear and front. One moe good point is that you can quickly release the both wheels for better packing into a car.

  • Pros: Affordable and great at the same time
  • Cons: Assembly is required – being shipped disassembled

Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension

This is a well-made all around trail bike. Built with agressive riding in mind. The Hightower is a great choice for the cyclist who prefers a highly efficient trail bike that levels performance with the capability to deal with off-road trial.

Customers that prefer a not as heavy duty trail bike, but are comfortable with aggressive enduro rigs, are going to like this bicycle very much. Folks considering the pure, strong, and fast trail bike might that this model is too much for them.

Get it if you dream of a well balanced mountain bike that smoothly goes up the mountain and rushes back down like an arrow. The most of singletracks are just fine with Hightower. The multipurpose nature of this model is unsurpassed in itself.

  • Pros: Aggressive, multipurpose
  • Cons: May be too heavy for those who need lighter bike

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a playful bike.

The Merax Falcon is surely the winner in “playful” nomination among mountain bikes. It has tires with width of 29 inches to ensure extra grip. The handling very responsive and a rider really feels this bike as their own body. Notwithstanding the width of it’s tires the bike is maneuverable. The dialed suspension setup and wheels make sure that you will be comfortable on long distances. One of testers witnessed that the bike is so fun and confident to ride that you can forget to take rests. However, it is generally designed as a short-travel bike, with a great climbing comfort (though not as fast as some).

Go for it if you enjoy comfortable and dynamic downhill riding. The Falcon is ideal for people that take pleasure in a wide variety of routes but stay clear of the extra rough ones.

  • Pros: Playful and maneuverable
  • Cons: Not the fastest climbing ability

Merax Finiss 26″ Mountain Bike

This bike is perfect for middle-distance rides. That is to say that almost all of tracks in most of mountains are suitable for this. Here manufacturer tried and succeeded in combining great maneuverability with an exceptional stability. Pedals are made to provide extra comfortable foot position to let you put off unwanted load off it. This bike is a rocket.

Solid gearing enagles you to climb uphill much easier and faster than you might think just by looking at this bike. The tires could be wider, actually. However, they are made this way for a reason. The bike perfectly handles it’s travel range.

This would be your choice if you need fast trail bike especially perfect in riding downhill. Also – if your trails are not extra rough.

  • Pros: Easy uphill, perfect downhill, fast
  • Cons: Not so confident on rough terrain because of tires size.

ORKAN 27.5″ Mountain Bike

You will feel the most powerful spirit of competition with this mountain bike. It’s performing quite well on daily trails as well. The downhill rush is stable and comfortable on this one. It’s made sturdy enough to bear a lot of impact being off-road. You may feel that it’s stiff then riding over small bumps on the trail. However, this same quality makes it perfect to resisting rough road. The suspension is designed for unstoppable climb during all day. However, it may slack on some technical climbs. When get on it, you may want to ride longer distances just to feel it longer.

You will definitely notice that this bike is more calm thaqn others when riding over big obstacles, especially when downhills. Better traction predetermined by the specific suspension design make it a better climber than bikes with similar price.

This bike is for you of you’re an aggressive climber and fast descender. The more riding skills you have the more potential this bike will show you, putting a straight line in any rough trails.

  • Pros: Great climbing, stable descending, stable on rough terrain.
  • Cons: May feel stiff on smal bumps.

Dynacraft Men’s 26″ 21 Speed Alpine Eagle Bike

Fulfill your entire wingspan with Dynacraft 26″ Men’s Alpine Eagle bike !

With this bike you’ll be rocket fast! It is equipped with 21-speed transmission and for shifting there is a synonym of reliability – Shimano, ready to conquer. There are V-type brakes on both wheels for confident stopping on rough road. The wheels are 26” and the frame is made of well-performing steel for better shock resistance. The manufacturer is so confident in his bike that they offer a lifetime warranty for fork and steel frame. With 30.87 lbs in weight you’ll have a fun and easy mountain climbing experience. Can suit for kids starting from 12 y.o. and for adults up to 275 pounds.

  • Pros: Fast bike, strong base
  • Cons: May be unstable on extra-rough track

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black

The bike with 29-inch wheels, a bike for adults. You may be a complete newbee or an advanced rider – this bike is welcoming and forgiving but at the same time there is a lot of potential for more aggressive riding. It’s frame is very light though strong with premium alluminium allow. The lighter weight is also achieved by using specific profile of tumes. Such profile spreads the load and shock in right directions of structure thus allowing light frame to be so strong. The sreering is also very precise with specifically formed structure. All mechanisms in the rear side are made with heavy duty dunctioning in mind so you can rest assured about risks there.

The bike is shipped being pre-assembled so you only have to take a few steps tuning it a little bit and there you go ready to ride.

  • Pros: Extra-reliable, lightweight, strong
  • Cons: Not for kids (see tire size)

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a great bike with full suspension (rear and front) for extra soft ride and aluminium frame for lighter weight. It goes so smoothly over menium and big bumps and it’s weight lets you easily go uphill for long time without taking rests. Like previous example, this one also has riliable 21-speed transmission with Shimano controller. Great and easy stopping is predetermined by linaer brakes on each wheel.

This bike is considered an entry level. However, all it’s mechanisms are reliable and well-thought. So notwithstanding your experience, if you’re on a budget – go for it without a doubt. Adults are allowed for up to 330 pounds. The seat here is very nice and comfortable too.

  • Pros: Lightweight, inexpensive.
  • Cons: Some assembly is required (around 15%)

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a nice-looking bike, which designed with comfort in mind. The convenience of ride is achieved with light weight by aliminium frame with well-thought profile. This is not a heavy-duty bike. It’s more applicable for riding over small-bumps even roads, in parks and around the city. However, you also can do mountain ascending with it – you just won’t be as comfortable with it as with other bikes.

Great suspension and Shimano controller add to the bike’s great performance with comfort.

  • Pros: Stylish, lightweight
  • Cons: Not for heavy mountain rides

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is an aluminum frame, 21-Speed transmission, magnesium alloy wheel trail bike. The front wheel is easily taken off without any tool – quick release for fast car packing. The bike is shipped mostly preassembled. However, you’ll need to do some work with 100% assembly and fine-tuning. This bike is very smooth due to it’s weight and suspension. Great steering control is provided with premium type alluminium suspension fork. 21-speed transmission with Shimano controller – as always, quality first. The brakes are disc-type, both front and rear – they provide extra powerful stopping.

  • Pros: Fast and easy to pack in car
  • Cons: Assembly & tuning required.
Rated 4.6/5 based on 96 reviews

Best Tactical Knife

Being ready for anything is very important in outdoors endeavors, be that a camping journey, hunting or whatever else. Tactical knife is an important part of your equipment if you’re getting yourself the best set and want to be prepared. You may also need such knife for everyday life depending on what your activities are. This kind of knives have been carried by different kinds of heavy-duty personnel and people with active lifestyle.

A tactical knife should serve you for many purposes, starting as a multitool for camping purposes straight to a combat knife to defend your life in the wilderness. They usually have a military style and are made for a wide variety of actions as possible. The cutting ability should be exceptional – fast and effortless. Tactical piece should perform it’s best during any amount of time without fails.

How are they different from regular knives? There is no sharp border between both. However you can surely say that a tactical knive is built to be much stronger than usual one.

In order to choose the right one, you need to check below comparison and explanations. There you’ll see the difference between them and it will be easier to make right decision. Check the below list and you will definitely find one that will be a perfect addition to your arsenal.

Zero Tolerance 0095BW

This one is quite a tiny guy. If you compare it to an average knife you’ll think that it’s small. Don’t get misled – it’s a tough piece. It perfectly fits the purpose of everyday carry and well deserves to be called “tactical”. The lightweight structure is achieved with titanium handle and S35VN steel ensures sharpness maintenance for extra time.

As a bonus, there is a titanium frame lock that comes with a touch lock bar insert for blade protection. You can see the KVT ball bearing deployment system there. The knife is equally comfortable for left/right-handed people.

  • Pros: Lightweight, small, tough
  • Cons: Maybe small for some jobs

Smith and Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife

This knife makes a good balance between combat, self-defence and survival types. It can serve as any of these with great efficiency, therefore it’s truly tactical piece.

Handle is equipped with safety-belt cutting feature. there is also a glass-breaking ability inside. So, for rescue operations you can use it without blade opening. The length of blade is 4.4 in, made of 440C steel. The blade has serrator. The opening is smooth and fast. Handle’s surface is made of textured alluminium.

If you are looking for a great EDC for an acceptable price, this model will be your best bet.

  • Pros: Cheap
  • Cons: Tough locking part

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

This is a knife that can do any job. It’s steel is perfectly manufactured with vacuum heat technology and cooling down with below-zero agent. That perfect steel has a finishing with black Teflon so your knife is OK with exposure to environment – zero rust and also no reflections: tactical all the way. Cuts are smooth and easy with blade maintaining it’s lubrigation.

The weight of this knife is 5.3 Oz, so it’s super easy to carry. The grip on handle ensures easy usage. Tri Ad locker provides a reliable securing.

You will see that it’s a perfect one for it’s affordable price.

  • Pros: Perfect traction
  • Cons: Could shred pocket, be careful when carrying

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054

The knife is 11 inches long overall, 6 inches of that is for blade. Blade is 5 mm thick. This fixed-blade knife is made primarily as a combat knife. Hard grip is predetermined with G-10 fiberglass on the handle. The advantage is that you can replace it when weared out or if you want to change the hardness of the handle. Basically, the grip is it’s strongest feature which allows for very hard usage with confidence.

Hard tanto end is built for frequent and hard usage. The MX-8054’s weight is 13 oz. and that’s quite a heavy piece. This is inevitable when there is a heavy-duty 44 black steel. There are holes in the area of balance point so you can make a spear if you have a nice branch on hand.

  • Pros: Unsurpassed grip
  • Cons: Not quite a lightweight knife

Tool Logic SL Pro 2 Tactical Knife

This tiny knife has quite a bit of tactical addons, and that makes it multi-tool to some extent. Besides usual duty of a knife (which is to cut/shear/skin), you will receive more than just a blade, with the ability to use it as a tool.

For example, there is a signal whistle that will allow you to inform people around that you might need help. Firestarter with a real flint will be very helpful in the woods or on a survival mission. Another addition is a flashlight – you will be able to shed a light on small targets.

The whole weight is 1.6 oz. and that is quite small piece for easy carrying everyday.

  • Pros: Addons, lightweight for concealed carrying
  • Cons: Tiny

SOG Spec Arc Folding Knife

This knife is designed for a wide variety of job types. Everyday carry is perfect and easy with it’s dimensions and weight (4.4 oz.). The intensity of jobs is not a question with it’s VG-10 steel blady, 4 inches long. The locking is solid and reliable with Arc-Lock. The handle is make of glass reinforced nylon and all that predetermine it’s light weight. This SOG knife sits easy and tight when you carry it. This is a all-in-one solution for a knife at hand, and we surely recommend it.

  • Pros: Comfortable carry, multi-task
  • Cons: Big jobs would be a little hard with it

Gerber 06 Auto Knife

This folding knife gained a well deserved respect from military and heavy duty personnel in US. This tactical piece is good for everyday carry with it’s auto-folding feature. This feature is activated with big release button – so you don’t need to put your gloves off when deploying. Safety was seemingly the priority matter during it’s designing. The knife has steel pommel for glass-breaking feature.

They used S30V stainless steel to form the blade and thus it’s ready to be heavily used in harsh environment. The sharpness lasts for long time without the need to renew.

  • Pros: Easy carry, heavy duty
  • Cons: No
Rated 4.2/5 based on 32 reviews

Best Hatchet For Outdoors

A hatchet or axe is usually an important accessory in camping trips, hunting journeys, survival challenges and many other type of activities.

Even when you belong to the community of eco-oriented people who only tend to use dead wood from under the foot. You still need to to work with it’s size to make it suitable for your needs, whether that would be for fire pit, camp setup, anything.

Therefore you definitely need the best axe or hatchet to ensure that you’ll always be warm, dry and sound. “The best” here means primarily “best for the price”, and we can help you with finding out the proper one.

Before you start comparing the models, it’s useful to find out whether you need a hatchet or an axe. You definitely don’t need both of them in your journey’s inventory because that would be a waste of resources.


An axe is usually more than 22 inches long. It would be appropriate if you’re planning to perform bigger job with it and when you have a lot of space and carrying capacity. You’d better to choose axe when you’re on a mission by car or truck. An axe would also be usable for house and gardening activities.


A hatchet is usually about 12 inches long. If you’re ok with smaller and faster jobs as well as for self-defence purposes, want more maneuvering ability and want to save space in your inventory – you’d better go for this option. Hatchets usually perfect for journeys on foot. It also will provide you better speed and accuracy and will save your stamina a lot.

So, now you have made your first choice and are ready to proceed to the guide of specific comparing.

The best hatchets and axes quick reviews

Gransfors Bruks Hunters Axe

Swedes are usually pros in steel. When you will try this axe, you won’t want to give it to anyone elase but you. many people witness that axes and hatchets under this brand are the best they have ever used. While this one may be more expensive than the others, in this case you really get what you pay for. It’s best usage is for hunting – you can effortlessly cut and split wood. On the other hand, you can well use it for skinning, quartering and for field dress. This ace’s poll is very smooth to be able to remove it from any material under any weather conditions.

The handle is 19 inches long, blade is 3¼ inch. You get a very handy tool with only 1 ½ pounds in weight. The manufacturer offers 20-year warranty period.

  • Pros: Splendid tool for hunting and medium-sized job
  • Cons: Price

Browning Outdoorsman Axe

This tough axe is made of 1055 grade steel with increased carbon content. It’s developed with very tough stikes in mind. You can see the great tang linking head and handle for better sturdity and reliability. Handle is made of injected polypropylene and with use of fiberglass. It allows to reduce the weight of this axe, resulting in 2.8 pounds overall. The blade is only 2 ¼ inches and the leverage that handle gives you allows you to make solid chops with every movement.

  • Pros: Durable steel, lightweight, leverage
  • Cons: Small blade (however, it’s not quite a con)

BladeMate Survival Hatchet

This one is fast and lightweight, perfect for quick job. It’s strong enough to deal with any hard wood and will save your energy while you’re using it. This hand axe can do more than a usual hatchet, and at the same time it’s size allows for a good portability. You can surely take this one with you when you’re heading into deep woods. Added advantages are die-hard makeup and non slip grip.

  • Pros: Small, lightweight, precision usage
  • Cons: It would be hard to use it as hammer due to slim head

Gerber Gator Axe II

This rigid axe has quite a straight lines, which is not conventional in usual axes and it saves space. Gator Axe is not for much of big job with logs. However it can do a lot with chopping smaller jobs with branches and similar objects. It also has a useful small bluntnose saw that can help you in accessing places the axe can’t access.

  • Pros: Glass-filled nylon body
  • Cons: Wooden parts between head and handle

Estwing Long Handle Camp Axe

This axe has a great long handle for the strongest strikes. This one is being made with one-piece structure in mind. And the Estwing’s reliability and exceptional service speaks for itself. Tho whole axe is 26 inch long. It has a good grip that is designed to reduce the shock with nylon vinyl in it. The blade is 4 inch so it’s good for bigger job – falling, trimming, splitting, notching, driving and many more. The overall weight of the ace is 4.3 pounds. Embossed leather in sheath gives it a stylish look.

  • Pros: Great for bigger jobs
  • Cons: Large and heavy to carry when you’re on a light journey

Fiskars X11 Splitting Axe

Fiskars is a well-respected brand and it has quite earned such reputation. You can be sure it won’t let you down. This 17-inch long axe is perfect for the most of usual camping jobs. If you want to imagine it’s physics you can imagine how aluminium basseball beat works. It achieves heavier strike by getting more strength from the movement speed. It’s head has low friction coating and that is how you get sharp and clean split with each strike.

  • Pros: Lightweight (to some extent) and at the same time – very strong
  • Cons: Not too portable

Estwing E24A Sportsman’s Hatchet

This hatchet is made from one piece of 1055 carbon steel. This model has become quite well-known lately due to it’s good balance of specifications. You can hold it’s edge without feeling any disturbance of over-pressure. It’s sturgy and tough and has slender head which helps you to easily make clean strikes. The structure is almost the first place in toughness we have ever saw. The full metal setup would transfer the shock from the strikes right to your hands quite well. Although, it’s good when you don’t have to worry about replacing the handle.

  • Pros: Unbeatable reputation since 1923, impossible to break
  • Cons: So-so in splitting jobs

Schrade Axe

This axe has quite many ways to be used. It’s rubber handle provides a good grip. The rear head surface is wide enough and does good as a hammer. don’t forget about included fire starter. Survival journeys all the way with this one. Hatchet lovers would be glad with it’s smaller size. However, it is quite usable for medium-size jobs. It’s metal surface is using titanium nitride coating to be able to be safely exposed to the most extreme conditions.

  • Pros: You can forget worrying about exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Cons: Hammer head is being covered by sheath

Additional Information About Hatchets

A Handy Hatchet

Pretty much every single society from nearly every era of known human evolution has developed some variation of the hatchet. Starting with the basic tools of stone age ancient people created from flintto the hatchets made of copper, and then right to the tomahawk chosen by lots of Native American people and in countless other tribes and societies, the hatchet has often been nearby.

There is a stylish convenience to hatchet concept, which pertains to the explanation for their universality all over the human history. A hatchet gets much of its layout right from an axe, however is not actually regarded just a small axe. (While they are usually called hand axes. They are also developed almost entirely for splitting middle and small wood or for branching trees.) A hatchet includes a blade on its end, and commonly has a leveled striking surface on the opposite side. Hatchets help a lot in splitting wood pieces into kindling. However they are actually the best for smaller jobs in outdoors and in woodworking when indoors.

A correctly sharpened hatchet is able to allow a carpenter hew a f wooden piece into quite a workable form, for example, in transforming a log into a straight board. One could use a hatchet for more sophisticated work, like in producing household furniture; its leveled rear area enables the usage of hatchet as a hammer or mallet.

A hatchet can be an excellent tool for the people on an outdoor mission because it is lightweight and compact, it will not add much weight to the walker’s backpack. And its usefulness will greatly improve the ability to complete necessary tasks in achieving comfortable and successful journey. A hatchet is applicable for anything starting with clearing brush right to preparing wood for a camp fire. One can even start a fire with hatchet in emergency case as metal can produce sparkles when used against a stone.

How to Chose A Hatchet

You can see a lot of hatchets on the market that have the same standard elements: a short and sharp blade, a flat and strong back surface (hammer). For simple hatchet – this is all you need to know. Surprisingly though, a good hatchet with wooden handle can really cost more than $100. So regardless of the apparent straightforwardness of these tools, they can be not so cheap things.

Longetivity and durability comes with the considerable price, as you understand. In some cases, such tool can live for several generations. The handcrafting excellence of hatchets making has been evolving the centuries. When you’re looking for best one, you’re better to check those that originate from a country known for good craftsmanship experience. A good example would be Sweden, Germany or USA.

When it comes to checking materials that make up a good hatchet, you need to ensure the high-carbon steel, to keep an edge well. Handle should be made of a solid wood (usually – hickory). Make sure that a handle allows for a balanced heft.

Protective leather cover is a must in hatchets> However, it’s not a problem if you buy without one and make it yourself. It’s a good practice to cover the hatchet into the cover when you finish using it. A proper edge sharpening technique will greatly extend the hatchet’s lifespan, so make sure you know how to do it.

Specialty Hatchets

Besides usual jobs that a hatchet can do, there may be other ones that you might want your hatchet to be able to do. And this is where you may think about buying a special hatchet. Hatchet throwing may be one of such things. For this you need to seek for special throwing hatchets and tomahawks that usually come with narrow sharp head and lengthy handles.

Survival Hatchets

If you’re on a mission for survival journey, you may want to look for a special tool. They are usually equipped with specific survival additions, for example a firestarter, rope cutter, paracord grip. Such hatchets are usually cheaper than others and they also can last for not as long. It’s ok because the purpose is to survive and move on.

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