Best Insulated Hunting Boots

Let us tell you why insulation is important in boots and also – to help you in choosing the best insulated hunting boots.

Boots, as you can obviously know, are one of the most important part of hunting equipment. If your feet get wet or frozen, you have high chance to get back home too early. Even if you manage to withstand such a discomfort, the whole hunt may be spoiled as you will not get as much fun from the process.

Famous boot manufacturers make some quite serious assertions for their products to be able to maintain dryness and warmth inside them. How can they achieve that? First let’s divide important qualities of hunting footwear into a few categories:


No matter what type of hunt you’re in, you have to take care of your warmth beforehand. Good insulated boots can help you with that. Look for top-notch insulation technologies.

Water resistance

There are only a couple of hunting scenarios where you don’t require a water resistant boot. In many cases (hunting or not) waterproof boot is a day-saving stuff. Even passing through a morningtime grassy field will make your feet as wet as stepping into the deep pond. Waterproof footwear should do really good job in preventing water contact with your feet. Here you also need to consider how tall your boots are, since short boots don’t have anything to protect you from water with (above foot).


For nearly all people involved in hunting, when open season starts, some type of insulation is necessary. From time to time, primarily if you’re on a light move, a less effectively insulated boot will work ok. But when you’re going to spend whole day in the stand, not to say if this will happen in late fall or winter, insulation is very important. The majority of boots go with Thinsulate, which is a synthetic, waterproof, thermal insulating material from 3M. Quality hunting boots insulation varies from 400 to 800 grams of Thinsulate. The bigger the number the more effective is the insulation. Some heavy duty boots can have up to 1200 grams.

Before you read about the rest factors, let us show you comparison chart of insulated hunting boots, where you can find the best model for you.

Comparison Guide:

The Best Boots

1. LaCrosse Men’s 18″ Alphaburly Sport Hunting Boot

LaCrosse is a popular manufacturer and this model is on top of their sales, the most-reviewed boots. This footwear can be your main boots, with high range of application – from marsh distances to creek-crossers.

The boots are of 18 ″ height. Rubber structure ensures water resistance, and there is form-adjusting Neoprene insulation. The boots will do good job on tough terrains as well, thanks to the “Sport Chassis” concept that supports your foot and guarantees stability for a safe and joyful hunt.

  • Cushioned EVA midsole
  • Elastic neoprene insulation goes perfectly with the foot
  • Sport Chassis outsole
  • Cam lock buckle with back gusset
  • Scentless and designed in Realtree ATG camouflage

2. Irish Setter Men’s 2870 Vaprtrek Waterproof 8″ Hunting Boot

This is a decent tactical sturdy boot with a famous name: Grizzly Tracker. The manufacturer is Irish Setter, a branch of Red Wing Shoe company that has been manufacturing hunting outerwear for nearly 60 years. The Ultra Dry water resistant structure featuring 400 grams of Thinsulate will ensure that your feet stay warm & dry.

The rubber “Ground Claw” outsole ensures a good grip even on unsafe surfaces and landscapes. Many people’s best-loved characteristic of these boots is the enforced toe cap, that will provide surefire protection of your feet from falling rocks or other heavy objects, and from any physical impact.

  • Leather and cordura structure
  • Rubber “ground claw” sole with enforced toe cap
  • Realtree AP Camouflage
  • 400g Thinsulate insulation

3. Northside Men’s Renegade 800 Hunting Boot

This model is a durable hunting boot from Northside called the Renegade. It’s water resistant and not heavy. On the other hand, it has the very thick insulation for better feet protection. One great advantage is a changeable insole and fine-shaped footbed for increased feet comfort. The LightTrac rubber outsole guarantees you a stable grip keeping the boots’ weight below average. On the whole, this is a durable and strong nylon footwear and it is available in a couple of colors.

  • Effective LightTrac rubber outsole
  • Decent (800 gram) Thinsulate insulation
  • Fine-shaped footbed for circulation
  • Water resistang and lightweight
  • 900 denier Cordura upper

4. Ariat Men’s Conquest Wide Square 8″ GTX Hunting Boot

Ariat ATS Max technological know-how supports your feet during your walk, improving posture and minimizing fatigue.

Extra wide shank, together with forefoot and heel backings for cushioning and minimization of foot tiredness and accidents chance.

EVA mid-foot support decreases metatarsal stress.

The ATS Max footbed features a reduced-friction surface for additional blistering and heat accumulation prevention. Shock-absorbing gel cushion minimizes heavy dynamic physical impact on the lower back, knees, hips.

Cupped footbed chassis ensures torsional balance. There is a whole 1200 denier Cordura nylon foot, going below an 8″ lace-up shaft.

800 grams Thinsulate ultra insulation guarantee warmth and dry feet.

5. Guide Gear Giant Timber II Men’s 1400 Gram Insulated Hunting Boots Waterproof

This model, Giant Timber II Boots are very good at keeping you warm and being extra waterproof. A whole 1,400 gram Thinsulate insulation preserves all your warmth, while keeping boots dimensions around average ones. Water resistance is achieved with the use of 900-denier nylon uppers and suede leather.

Water resistant HydroGuard ventilated membrane layer with ScentMask cuts out human scent to prevent you from being spotted by targets.


Oil-resistant rubber outsole for best grip; Permanent, mesh-lined, EVA insole for convenient wearing Moisture-preventing mesh lining Rubber toe and heel cap for prolonged usage.

Buying Guide – Things to Take into Consideration


This term is the elegant word for the footwear’s tread. As a rule, it’s made of rubber.

The quality outsole is required to be durable, noiseless, and offer a better grip.

Rubber actually produces hardly any scent, which is important if you’re hunting a prey that is good at sniffing you out (like deer).


Shoelaces, zippers, buckles are all popular types of fasteners and have their advantages and disadvantages.

The most risk-free and safe choice is using laces. However, it will take you the most time to secure them. It can be important in cold weather to save your fingers from freezing.

Zippers are fast and hassle-free, but they’re metal as a rule (some hunters try to stay clear of having any metal on).

Buckle can be a good compromise between both above mentioned, offering easiness and fast securing together with good securing.


A well-shaped, cushioned inner part of the footwear should keep you relaxed and enjoying on long expeditions and throughout rough landscapes.

Materials and design.

Most of people are intending to choose brownish leather or sometimes a camouflage style. There are even combos of both designs.

Nothing can surpass high quality leather’s design and attractiveness when we talk about boots. However, leather’s tends to be much heavier than modern hi-tech materials.

Therefore, a good option might be to use hi-tech lightweight fabrics designed in brown or camo styles that might resemble the look of stylish leather.

Best Insulated Hunting Boots
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