Best Military Boots for You

What are Military Boots?

Military boots are otherwise called sometimes tactical or combat ones. Looking for the best m military boots can be an overwhelming thing because of the wide variety of choices there are on the market. You will definitely recognize several popular boot makers that present these types of boots. Below we can state part of them: Bates, Danner, Under Armour, Rothco, Blackhawk, Belleville, Altama, Tactical Research, Original SWAT, Converse, Magnum Elite, Rocky, Nike, Reebok, etc.

Military boots can be classified in 3 key categories. The 1st category is boots for the people that wear them every single day for casual purpose. The 2nd category is for military staff. And the last one comes from the law enforcement personnel. Every category has it’s own demands and likes. A lot of the policemen and aviation service, navy/military officers prefer sturdy, well-performing, easy-to-wear, durable, and flexible military boots that can let them easily endure any extreme conditions and rough landscapes.

Lots of people believe that military boots are applicable only in SWAT staff, police and military personnel. Yet they mistake. The truth is this type of footwear is designed for everyday wearing. They are designed to endure any harsh weather and rough terrains along with mud, water, and some chemical substances. Such boots are well used men and women with fine comfort. There is a good variety of colors, sizes and fashion out there so you will definitely find a pair of good military model for you.

When it comes to design and comfort, this type of boots are made by considering the most effective type of padding, supporting and insoles. These boots offer good padding and support to your feet and prevent any foot discomfort and soreness that can happen because of long time usage.

Some models may lead to sore feet and irritation that can quite terribly disturb us and we fail to concentrate on our everyday tasks effectively. This issue has been fixed properly due to the hard work of the military footwear manufacturers mentioned above.

If you enjoy outdoor camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing and any other types of outdoor adventures then you certainly require a sturdy and durable pair of boots. It such situation, your best choice might be high quality military boots that will offer you the best protection, easiness, sturdiness, and flexibility in any kinds of surfaces. Such boots are usually made using the best materials that can guarantee effective performance and long lasting comfort and protection for your feet.

Comparison Chart:

Top 3 Military Boots:

1. Thorogood Men’s Trooper 8″ Side Zip Boot

The first thing that looks to be the most important feature about Thorogood boots is their comfortable wearing. This model is very easy to use even if you wear them all day long. One more advantage is firm grip and decent traction. These boots are great for people that love trekking, hiking and jungle journeys.

Water resistance of this model is very good so you don’t have to worry about dirt, mud or water around. You will be amazed how easy it is to clean them. The side zipper adds easiness and stylish look.

These Men’s Trooper boots are excellent military boots if you are into top quality, comfort, sturdiness and style.

Highly recommended for Daily Usage.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s GSG-9.2 Training Shoe

Adidas Men’s GSG-9.2 are popular for their ability to withstand any bad weather conditions. No matter if you are travelling in the winter night or you are crossing a hot desert, this model have terrific possible ability for ventilation. These boots are very good at protecting your feet from excessive cold and high temperature.

This model is also easy to wear, not very heavy, and has a great traction on any sort of rough surface. is very flexible for wearing during different activities such as travelling, hunting, hiking, or any kind of work or service. However, these boots may be not that good at feet ventilation as Gore-Tex boots.

Generally speaking, they are excellent option for people that want comfort, good traction and safety.

Recommended for Casual Usage.

3. 5.11 Men’s Speed 3.0 Urban Military and Tactical Boot

5.11 A.T.A.C. SAGE boots gained great popularity for being tough, durable, protective and easy to wear. The best feature of this model is its ability to handle the tension on the ankle and the feet top. They provide better support to toes and ankle.

This model is absolutely not heavy and is great for superior ability to move in tight conditions. The boots are well padded and have full grain leather as main material they’re made of. They have a side zipper and covert pocket ot store any kind of small valuable stuff. The model is not very expensive and sits the quality, there is not much to as for.

Overall, 5.11 ATAC Men’s is a fine option for people looking for toughness, roughness, good support and easy wearing.

Best Recommended for Rough Conditions.

Types of Military Boots:

There are a few types of military boots. The first category divides the boots by the gender of the owner (men/women). The second type depends on the person’s type f work. In this category we can define even more types of boots. For example, many military footwear models are quite tailor-made to closely fit exact jobs types like SWAT, infantry, army, navy seal, firefighter, police, law enforcement. One more category groups the boots by the owner’s interest.

Military boots can actually be used for any activity like hiking, jungle tours, motorbike riding, running, camping, and desert journeys, and so on. A wide range of weather conditions are also important factor that you need to consider while buying your boots. There is a wide range of models designed for summer use, some are made specifically for spring/fall season and the rest are for cold seasons and winter wearing.

Military boots are often available in several colors like black, dark green, dark brown and green, and so on – sometimes there can be a really wide assortment of colors. The size and width is quite an important factor to take into account. Boots can also can be categorized based on the shape/size criteria. Such groups are: narrow/wide width, minimalist, zero drop, extra wide, knee high, low cut, youth size, etc.

The last group is the characteristics and attributes of boots. Based on your demands, you can select model that is featured by tan, slip on, composite toe, front zip, high gloss, insulated, 100 % waterproof, lightweight, insulated, steel toe, leather material, safety toe, flat sole, Gore-Tex. Some boots are also equipped with knife pocket, front/side zipper, Vibram sole, and many other special elements. There are some various kinds of boots models such as interceptor boots, Israeli, Kevlar tactical, khaki, zombie, police gear, and ridge tactical models.

It is for you to decide what you choose based on your requirements and budget.Our comparison chart will help you to make the right choice

Buying Guide – Useful Tips To Choose Only The Best Military Boots

1. Take a look at below stated list of important attributes and characteristics that comprise a good military boot.

Simply put, your footwear must be easy to wear, offer ideal grip and traction, must be produced using adaptable and sturdy material, and have to be light-weight and with an effective ventilation.

In addition to these qualities, your boot should offer the best possible feet protection and must be able to shield you from any impact of water, dirt, soil, mud, sticky liquids and chemicals.

2. Aim for popular brands

Highly respected brands usually care of their reputation and want to make long-term business. that makes them do their best to create quality military footwear. Such manufacturers are featured in our top models list. Famous brands also gain many customer reviews and comments on Amazon that you can read to get some assurance in some specific model.

3. Do not compromise high quality over lower price

Many people choose cheap military boots when they come to buy now button. The reality is you will get exactly what you have purchased. The small cost models are typically unable to have all the important attributes and qualities. They get destroyed very fast and you will have to buy another pair sooner.

Now, rather than throwing away your money and time, you can shell out a little more to acquire a high quality and durable military boot that will effectively endure most damaging environments and extreme terrains for longer time frame.

Now you are ready to see some reviews of the top models of boots that proved to render the best service to many people.

Best Military Boots for You
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