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Choosing the best rubber boots can be a little tricky thing considering the wide array of offered models. here in this overview we gathered ten bestsellers and compared them help you find out the one or several that really attract your attention and deserve to be chosen. The reviewed models have gained much respect from their owners, and have been tried in the different tough conditions – like rain, hiking, fishing, and around a town. Some of the specifications that are compared are: water resistance, warmth, comfort, style, traction, and ease of use.

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Choosing the Best Model

Rain boots undoubtedly should be in your shoe locker, this is even more important if you reside in an area with a frequent rains. When you start your hunt for the best rainy day boots, be sure to consider whether you will be stepping through rough terrain or just making your way on the pavement around the city. Some of the models reviewed here have neoprene uppers and rubber boots encompassing the feet. The neoprene functions as a water resistant element in addition to insulation. Remember that insulating materials similar to neoprene make the boots more suitable for cold weather wearing, therefore if you’re only thinking of wearing your rubber boots the spring / fall seasons, you need to to opt for a pair with minimal or no insulation.

The form of terrain you’ll be using your boots on is also vital to consider. The treads on a number of reviewed here boots are more aggressive compared to others, and that makes them suitable to off-road environment. At the same time, other models are smooth, and therefore ideal for wearing on hard and even surfaces like pathways.

Criteria for Evaluation


When we talk about convenience it becomes obvious that all the models have an enormous range and difference. Some of them, such as the Tretorn Skerry, almost don’t have any cushioning at all. Others , like the Bogs Classic High – Men’s, have very comfortable, supportive insoles. Some other boots, still, are fitted with EVA midsoles for additional shock absorption. The Original Muck Boot Company Chore Mid is even featured with a supportive shank in the midsole. During more or less prolonged wearing, reviewers found what effect each model’s construction had on the overall comfort. Additionally, it was also noticed that several of the models have a more flexible shaft in comparison to others, and that affected the comfort. Some boots, like the Le Chameau Vierzon, had very a soft shaft was very flexible and creasy during walking. On the other hand, models such as the Muck Boot Arctic Sport have a stronger shaft, that feels like its top is digging into your shins.

Best model with this metric


The warmth level that a rain boot can maintain should verify the suitability for different types of weather (cold / warm). A few models, for example the Kamik Lucas2 provide insulation and warmth (suitable for cold weather), and at the same time pull away all the wetness wetness from the inside – that allows to use those boots in warm weather as well.Some models, namely the Kamik Icebreaker are featured by an easily removed insulating liner. Another solution is implemented in the Bogs Classic – it has neoprene for insulation. That all makes them so warm that you can use them in cold autumn, otherwise you will sweat.The Vierzon, Skerry, and Hunter boots either are not equipped with a liner or do have a thin one. Thus they are best fit for the spring use.

Take a look at warmth metric in our comparison guides. Moderate warmth metric means that you can use the boots with acceptable comfort in cold and warm weather equally.

Water Resistance

Every rain boots model that is referenced in this review is water resistant, absolutely no leaks. There isn’t much difference between all the said boots in terms of water resistance ability. Though, they use different technologies for achieving that. Some are all-rubber, while others use neoprene as their key waterproof component. In terms of water resistance feature, it more or less depends on personal choice of the material. Having said that, the various materials come with different warmth keeping ability and are also quite different in design. you need to take those factors in mind when choosing.

All presented models were tried by running through streams of water and stepping through muddy mess. Considering that, it’s predictable that higher shaft boots tend to sit higher in this rating, compared to the shorter ones.It’s also important to note the gaps at the boots’ top. Those may let the rain or snow in. Some models have top closure systems to avoid that.Probably you will need a boot to have ample space for pant legs to be secured inside (thus avoiding their wetting). On the other hands, there are people that like to wear those parts of pants outside the boot and that’s where you don’t need that much space there.


Despite the fact that most models are made mostly with effectiveness (wet weather defense) in mind, you still have all chances to choose from a variety of styles. Having said that, there are many models on the market that can’t be called quite stylish. Actually, a lot of them are styled to be more rugged. Most of the rainboots are designed to be used for hunting, fishing, hiking, on the farm, docks, and any other outside activities.

If you need something stylish, check the Tretorn Skerry or the Hunter Original Short Boot. If you prefer not so eye-catching stuff, the Hampton has an elegant simple style that many people find to be slight and quite smooth. With such design you the fact that you have them on may go unseen by the crowd. Of course, style is absolutely subjective thing, so you only need to trust yourself when choosing it.

Ease of Use

When assessing ease of use, the most important metric is the boot’s weight. The easiness of putting on and off is also important. In comparison charts above you’ll see numerical evaluation of this category. Some of the boots are quite heavy, for example, the Chameau Vierzon and the Tingly General Purpose (5 pounds).If you wear heavier model for more or less long time, it is very easy to get exhausted. No surprise that heavy models are not so convenient to use. Sometimes in addition to weight the model has sizable dimensions – like Muck Boot Arctic Sport. We saw a lot of positive feedback on wearing the Lacrosse Hampton (which is 3 pound in weight). However, it’s important to note that these boots have a very short shaft, hence the light weight.

Some models such as the Bogs Ultra Mid come with extra attributes to help with putting the shoe on your feet. One of the most interesting things in this one is its cut-out handles attached to the neoprene shaft. The Hunter model has tabs at the sides that you can easily pull. Furthermore, maybe the easiest boot to put on is the Hampton, and it’s very good at wearing comfort.

Best Rubber Boots For You
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