Best Snake Proof Boots

There are quite a bit of things to consider when you’re looking for snake boots. Best snake proof boots are in essence reliable boots that are specifically designed for quite a definite function in mind – to protect you from snakes’ bites. Besides usual feet protection there must be a good shield your lower legs.

Usually all tactical or hunting boots provide some level of protection against rapid snakes bites. However, for ultra-assurance that you will never get a bite it’s better to use specific snake boots.

For example, in the United States you’ll require a protection from copperheads, cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, coral snakes. These snakes are actually deadly beasts. And if we look at statistics, it shows that there are 10 deaths on average every year from venom impact registered only within US. This is not the highest risk of snake bite here, compared to other some places of the world. However, if you’re spending time in high-risk areas (even within US), having a pair of good protected boots may be a life-saver for you, not even speaking at saving cost for medical bills.

While some people state that typical cowboy footwear provide enough safety shield from an ornery rattler, a voice of good mindset will be “We shouldn’t take chances when it comes to life and death. Better to stay 100% safe». So, snake protection boots will help you to resist the dangerous strikes of any deadly snake, and for an outdoor journeyer who might once or continuously get through/into high-risk areas in or outside the US while taking a trip in other continents, such footwear is absolutely necessary.

You may have seen that there are a lot of snake boots offered by different companies for your decision. And we’re here to help you to choose the best pair. Some famous companies present quite a decent set of boots to the market – Lacrosse, Chippewa, or Redhead. Such boots can effectively protect against Bushmaster snake bites, which is considered to be a most deadly snake in whole South America, and the risk is not less than with any other snake in the world.

If anyone gets bit from that kind of snake in the leg not being protected by special footwear being far out in the wild, that person doesn’t have many chances to survive. In addition to having anti-venom treatment, a reliable pair of protected boots is your surefire ticket back home.

Actually, any snake-proof boots defend from bites effectively. This is where you can save on over-marketed pair of boots that allegedly “provide more protection than other competing models”. When choosing between a few particular models, consider other features that will make your trip a comfortable and easy thing.

All the boots listed below in comparison chart and top 5 list do provide snake fang security under the knee. Take your time to see, compare below, and determine the best choice for your own needs and usage scenario.

Comparison Guide

Top 5 Models Picks

1. LaCrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Boot

There are very little chances to stumble upon the nest of snakes. But if you do that – you will bless the day when you bought Venom Scent HD Snake Boots from LaCrosse. The boots feature ultra flexible Snake Guard system. The model is not heavy and offers tough protection.

Moreover, it has full-length lacing, starting right from the toes – for great support and moving easiness.As a side note, the boots are waterproof, Scentless, the barrier minimizes human scent. The waterproof Hyper-Dri protection not just prevent water from coming in, but also transfers moisture out of the boot.

There are antimicrobial materials in the Liner to deal with odor making bacteria featuring a total scentless solution.Eva Midsole and PU Footbed Give extra support and comfort during whole day.Strengthened scratch resistant toe cap is less heavy, is quite open, neutral-colored.

  • Leather and Fabric
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft is 18″ from arch
  • Heel is 2″.
  • Platform is 1.00″
  • 360º Snake Guard provides flexible snake bite protection

2. Bushnell Men’s ViperPro Snake Proof Hunting Boot

ViperPro Snake Proof Boot from Bushnell, defense against cutting fangs. This model also takes good care of your dry feet. These are Boots developed to ensure your peace of mind and safety during your activities in the field or forest. The Snake Guard works as a strong shield against all kind of snake bites.

  • Snake protection: Sturdy leather and 900-denier nylon uppers
  • Side zip with lace front for fast putting on/off
  • Mesh lined for good ventilation
  • Detachable cushioned insole
  • YKK zipper
  • Medium width

3. LaCrosse Men’s Adder Scent 18 Inch HD Snake Boot

This model should be the easiest possible putting on/off – all you have to do is to slide it. For better fit, adjust the rear gusset a little. It will take just a few seconds to get ready to hunt or hike in these durable, scentless, elastic snake-proof boots.

You can rest assure about safety form snake bites with the its Ultimate protection.

Scent HD is one more good feature to prevent human scent. A water resistant barrier that encompasses whole shoe ensures total protection from water infiltration and moisture accumulation for your ultimate comfort. Half of the liner is made of Antimicrobial fibers to prevent odor making Bacteria (total scentless solution).

EVA Midsole and PU Footbed for good padding and support.

  • Leather and fabric
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft is 17″ from arch
  • Heel is 2″
  • Boot opening is 17″ around

4. Rocky Men’s Lynx Snake Hunting Boot

Rocky Lynx Snake Boots offer high protection level for your feet. This model sets up a water resistant, bite-proof boundary for your feet/legs.Incredibly durable Cordura upper is scratch resistant and can withstand any bite; Fortified toe and heel for extra sturdiness where you require it most.

If you’re preparing for a tough wilderness exploration or a hike in the city, Rocky is a good choice because they produce high quality and decent performance footwear.

  • Rocky complete water resistant structure keeps you dry
  • Terra Suspension polyurethane footbed deals with physical impact and offers support
  • EVA midsole supports every step
  • Lace-up style ensures a customized fit
  • Side zipper offers fast putting on/ off
  • Aggressive, all-terrain Lynx outsole
Best Snake Proof Boots
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