Best Tactical Boots, How To Choose Best One

Here we are going to deeply research how to choose the best tactical boots and why do you need them. There are several important advantages of wearing such boots:

1. They are effective for law enforcement / military staff: Men and women operating in sometimes dangerous circumstances like police officers, army and military staff, firemen need top quality boots for optimum work efficiency. Tactical footwear naturally meet all its requirements. It offers the appropriate convenience, flexibility, protection, solid grip and a good traction. For that reason such boots are suitable for police, armed forces and firefighting staff.

2. Such boots are very helpful in survival scenarios: Whether or not you need such quality at work, you still can wear tactical boots for best possible effectiveness in your outdoor activities. Any kind of outdoor hobby you’re in – trekking, jungle and desert trips, you’ll need a good military / hunting / tactical footwear. It is just an ideal alternative for people that are into adventure activities. Such sort of shoes feature great ventilation, flexibility, feet protection and coziness for your feet during your movement in the extreme terrains and bumpy landscapes.

3. They usually provide excellent grip and traction. Ideal for people who work dangerous areas like oil rig, chemical factory. You undoubtedly should wear a high quality water resistant work boots in such places. Even in such cases you might have a good use of fine quality tough boots that have a good grip and traction for safety on rough and unsafe surfaces. A decent model will protect you from high and low temperatures. Some models feature steel toes and completely water resistant material. This can significantly help you prevent any unlucky slip accidents at your work environment.

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Top 3 Boots Models Reviews

1. Bates Men’s GX-8 GTX Side-Zip Military Boot

This model of tactical boots employs the Gore-Tex technology and does it very good. Bates boots are among the most technologically sophisticated and unrivalled models currently. It suits the best for army, police and firemen. People who are into backpacking, motorcycling, hunting and running, also will be pleased to wear them. The side zip function gives as good support to your ankles/feet that it can save you from feeling exhausted after long time of active movement.

It is made up of with water resistant leather and nylon upper. There is also a manmade sole, EVA midsole and anti-slippery rubber outsole that guarantees good grip/traction in extreme surroundings.

Bates Men’s GTX Side-Zip Military has perfect size/weight ratio.

This model is highly recommended as an easy-to-wear, fine padded, sturdy and affordable boots.

Recommended for Police/ Military People as well as hunting/hiking.

2. Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boots

If you’re on a mission to find a very lightweight and easy-to-wear tactical footwear, you have found it: it’s Blackhawk Men’s Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot. The primary remarkable quality of these boots is the great ankle support and feet comfort during whole day. It’s very geed at ventilation, abrasion and waterproof in nature.

The model is made using Dri-Lex lining, Vibram outsole, full grain leather and Cordura upper, SympaTex water resistant technological innovation, and Ortholite footbed (this one is anti-microbial and easily cleanable). Its insoles guarantee cool atmosphere inside the boot that constantly maintains your feet in cool and dry condition.

Its upper guarantees convenience for ankles and toes. The only drawback one may notice is their sole’s stability. But the slippery effect emerges to some extent only in extreme cold and snowy weather.

Besides that, this model is quite fit and appropriate for military, police personnel and hunting/hiking.

3. Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

The primary beneficial feature of Magnum Elite their wide assortment of sizes and weights. They are geared up with water resistant leather upper, sizable toe box, moisture preventing lining, and a nicely cushioned collar. This model is absolutely not heavy and their mesh inlays guarantee excellent feet ventilation.

This footwear will let you comfortably walk, actively move and run thanks to the full lace-up panel. Elite Sniper has the tough rubber outsole for perfect grip/traction on the rough and hard surfaces. These boots are awesome in hot weather since they maintain good ventilation and your feet will always be dry and cool. One may be dissatisfied with the model’s steel toes. Having said that, they totally protect your toes from any impact from falling objects or plain physical impact, so consider it an advantage.

Recommended for hunting, hiking, biking and travelling by foot.

Main Criteria for Choosing the Best Possible Tactical Boots

There are several evident key criteria that define if a pair of tactical shoes is best or not quite so. A lot of people assume the boots should have strong grip during walking on any sort of terrains, whether in water or chemicals, and in any hard weather. Some people say that footwear must be effectively ventilated and the others state that it should be convenient for day-long wearing. Upon analysis of different customer reviews, we were able to discern the following features and specifications comprise a best model of tactical footwear:


If you are military staff or police officer, you should be familiar with necessity to stand in bad weather whole day. It doesn’t feel very good when shoes a not very comfortable when you are on the duty. The work boots that you wear should ensure optimal feet comfort. We highly recommend wearing the boots that are produced using light-weight components and appropriate padding. Your boots should offer adequate rest to your feet while you stand or walk whole day or night. For that reason the comfort is at the top of all factors that describe the boots’ quality.


Durability is very important when we talk about tactical background. The model that you’ll choose and buy should certainly have very strong materials. If you are a army/police professional or outdoor enthusiast, you should be familiar with the importance of ability of boots to last as long as possible. The boots should guarantee that your money are not wasted, and thus durability comes as one of the main aspects.


When we talk about army or law enforcement background, it is important for any professional to get rid of unnecessary pounds off his/her feet. Easier movement on rough and bumpy surfaces is quite a vital requirement when you have to be active on your feet. Your boots should help you to avoid fatigue so look for the weight specification.

Even if you put on your boots for casual reason, it is better to use less heavy ones to prevent any excessive stress and discomfort for your feet. We focus your attention on lightweight components like Pylon midsoles and rubber outsoles/insoles – these should be closely analyzed by you.

Solid Grip and Better Traction

Now people that are into hunting, camping, jungle travels, and mountaineering adventures, must understand the value of boots having good grips and decent traction. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you totally need tough boots that can guarantee the best possible grip and traction on any surface.

With boots that have effective outsoles you can be free from worrying about slippery surfaces. Thus these two belong to one mode essential features to be taken into account while you’re on a mission to find the best tactical shoes.


Flexibility plays one of the major parts in comprising a good quality boot for tactical use. You shouldn’t be afraid of sudden periods of activities where you need to be ready to move fast without hurting yourself.

In such situations, flexibility becomes very important to support greater ability of your feet to move. For that reason the flexibility is included in key factors here.

Ventilation / Being Breathable

The more the better here. You want to avoid any excessive feet sweating in any weather conditions and level of activity, and your boots should help you with that. Usually perforated padding is being used to guarantee the best possible ventilation for your feet. Boots that have good breathability will be able to constantly keep your feet cool and dry. Similarly, the boots’ uppers must have full-grain leather as main material. Alternatively suede or nylon blends will suffice. This helps to optimize convenience and ventilation for your feet.

Water Resistance

One more essential attribute you should take into account while choosing is the ability to resist water, mud and oil infiltration. If you are a military/police/fireman/hunter, you might have to regularly walk in the unfavorable environments such as swamps, waterways and mud. You have to guarantee that your feet stay dry and warm constantly to be able to perform the best way.

You can find some models that are made with a completely waterproof leather in addition to the water resistant lining made using Sympatex technology. Some models are featured by pathogen-resistant membranes. Pay attention for these attributes and try to choose these totally waterproof boots.

Feet Protection

Eventually, the feet protection is the critical aspect that a good tactical boot should guarantee. While you’re on a duty, in survival scenario, hunting or in any kind of activity – you should be 100% safe and protected by your boots. This way you will surely perform at your best possible capabilities. So consider safety when making the final decision.

Now, after we have addressed the key features and qualities that make boots the best, we can dive into top 3 models reviews.

Best Tactical Boots, How To Choose Best One
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