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Let us help you to choose the best hunting jacket. Jackets are not quite simple as they may seem to be. There are two most important characteristics of them. First of all, they are meant to protect you from the cold. This is the primary feature you should pay attention to. Secondly, your jacket can protect you from the rain (the feature is water resistance). We will give a thorough breakdown of all important characteristics of jackets further below.

One of the most special attributes of any huntsman equipment is probably the jacket, from the traditional tweed suchlike fabrics up to the innovative iterations such as Gore-Tex. Besides materials, sizes and types, there are also other important factors to consider, like comfort and convenience.

Have a look at comparison chart here. Then there is editors’ pick of best 3 models. Finally, there is a buying guide below.

Comparison Chart

Top 3 Jackets, Editors’ Pick

1. Eglemall Men’s Outdoor Hunting Soft Shell Waterproof Tactical Fleece Lined Jackets

Eglemall Men’s uses a DWR finish to wick away water without to give up on breathability. Wind-resistant construction protects you from the impact. Exclusive UA Scent Free technology endures longer and works much better, helping you to stay undetected.

ColdGear Infrared technology uses a soft, thermo-conductive inner coating to collect and keep your warmth. Durable, smooth material with a high-loft, soft Sherpa lining to hold unrivaled warmth. Odor-free feature stops the expansion of odor-causing microbes. Silent construction prevents rustling, allowing you stay silent.

2. Hunting Jackets Waterproof Hunting Camouflage Hoodie

Hunting Jacket 3 in 1 parka jacket is versatile and quiet. This clothing is water resistant and breathable. Comes with a zip out jacket and attached hood. Two front pockets and two deep pockets are using easy slash access.

  • 240 Gram Brushed Poly Tricot
  • Water resistant and breathable
  • Deep and breast pockets, detachable hood
  • Machine washable, tumble dry, do not bleach

3. Legendary Whitetails Men’s Canvas Cross Trail Big Game Camo Workwear Jacket

This model is built strong to function effectively and be even harder. The sturdy 10 oz. sanded canvas is washed down for a comfortable fit right off the bat. Features a full 120 g of insulation, heavy duty zipper, double inner pocket and removable hood. Big Game Camo design and padded logo.

Material: Shell – 100 % Cotton Lining – 100 % Polyester

Wash: Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

Buying Guide – Things To Take Note Of


There are various types of materials, from which manufacturers make their hunting outerwear. Every material has its own advantages and drawbacks, as well as special attributes and styles. The most popular types of fabrics used for hunting jackets are:


This is an innovative, synthetic material now applied by many outdoor and sports clothing companies along with militaries. This material is designed to be waterproof. The water doesn’t infiltrate this fabric and you can always see water beading at its outer side.

Moreover, it is also extremely breathable, avoiding the heat from accumulating within the clothes. It is quite durable and hardwearing, resistant to the regular physical impact and wear it might come across. Gore-Tex, if not lined, isn’t very pleasant for the, unlike some other materials.

Jackets that are made o this fabric can also be fairly large and heavy, especially when lined or padded.


Tweed is a variety of wool. IT is the typical material for hunting clothing. Tweed is an extremely durable, tough wool and very impact resistible. Tweed jackets usually don’t need a lot of care and upkeep, only occasional dry cleaning.

Tweed is a very thick wool. Jackets made of this material are outstanding at keeping your heat. As most tweeds preserve the essential wool’s lanolin, tweed is very waterproof and odor-safe. Even though it’s waterproof to some extent, when it gets wet – it will be extra heavy, keep that in mind. This fabric is quite expensive, particularly if it comes from a well-known brand.


Wool is available in a lot of other forms besides tweed, and is a popular fabric for jackets due to its natural properties. It is very good at trapping heat and maintaining the hunter’s warmth.

The wool’s component “lanolin” helps in water resistance. Same as previous material, gets weighty when wet, and in addition – can smell not very good then. You’ll need to periodically dry clean it to maintain its size.

Additionally, wool jackets will occasionally need to be re-treated with lanolin, as it normally wears away when exposed to water.

Waxed Cotton

This is a very widely used material for creating an effective hunting jacket for bad weather conditions. The cotton’s wax does its job to provide waterproofness.

The wax is not expensive, and so maintenance of your jacket won’t be very pricey. Outerwear made of this material can be quite defenseless to scratches or physical impact, requiring to re-treat the wax. Besides that, you’ll regularly have to re-treat wax to preserve water resistance.

Quilted Polyester

Polyester is a kind of material that is functional in the city and also in the countryside. The padded quilting style of this jacket is very good at keeping your warmth.

The polyester, relatively waterproof per se, can additionally be maintained using water resistant sprays. This material can keep smells, which may cause you some issues when you’re on a hunt with horses or dogs. Since polyester is not very breathable, the jacket may get hot and uncomfortable for you in some weather conditions.

Searching For The Right Model

When seeking hunting jackets by type, you need to think not just about its type that might satisfy you, but also the type that will suit conditions in which you hunt. Basing on the weather and scenario, a water resistant Gore-Tex may be might be preferred over a polyester type, or warm tweed instead of a waxed cotton model. You need to ensure to pick the model that will handle that all.


It is extremely critical that you consider the size before purchasing, since some supplemental component can be bearable, some materials like wool may be heavy. You might not need that much weight on your shoulders

Hunting Type

Your chosen model should depend on the type of hunting that you’re into. Some jackets are better for their specific types of the activity. The primary types of hunting that you’ll need jackets in are:


Black wool is a traditional jacket material when riding horseback. It is very good at preserving our warmth when outside. Tweed is another well-liked alternative, though beware of materials that keep odors, like polyester that can be spoiled with horse’s smell.

Target Shooting

Tweed may be a well-liked option here also. It does not always have to be waterproof, it can do a good job by keeping your heat inside on the cold day.

Woodland Hunting

If you’re into this type of hunt, you may need a jacket that has a full range of attributes, including water-resistance, durability and warmth. Resistance to scratches and physical impact is important when you’re passing through thick woodland. You may need to stay still walk long distances in wet weather – so you need to be waterproof. Staying warm and dry in such conditions will make you day.

Additional Things to Consider

Apart from the aspects of material, size and type, which you need to consider, your choice may be affected by things like:


This metric may be different for some people, and likewise will be depend on weather conditions and environment that a hunter is usually active in. If you will be hunting on a hot day or carrying out exhausting exercise, you need to opt for a lighter jacket, while a hunt on a cold and wet day may necessitate a waterproof and warm jacket.


One more essential factor to consider, especially if you will be outdoors for extended periods or will require a very flexible a jacket. Many jackets, such as Gore-Tex models, feature an inner lining that you can just remove if you need to. It is often vital for hunter to use deep pockets since they free you from carrying bags.

Actually, convenience is also a very subjective factor, so you need to think for some time when interested in specific model.


Various material need different levels of upkeep, starting from the occasional dry clean and up to continuous maintenance. The frequency of usage also plays its role in that.


Hunting is a traditional sport and pastime for lots of people, so it is no wonder that a dedicated market for clothing has developed for it – from gloves and hats up to jackets and pants. Our site will help you to become savvy and make it easier for you to choose the best equipment that may be there for you.

Best Hunting Jacket
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