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Let’s have a quick look at how to choose the best hunting vest, and why you may need one. Every hunter’s arsenal of equipment has a unique set of gear, tools, clothes. When in comes to clothes, it’s always ok to say that the more pockets it has on the better. That’s where a hunting vest may come very handy. Also vests may provide additional warmth, which is much appreciated during cool seasons. One more advantage of vests is that in addition to warmth, it doesn’t prevent ventilation and therefore – doesn’t make you sweat a lot. That unique feature of this type of hunting clothing may make your happy hunting day.

One of the most pleasant features of vests is plenty of pockets where you can put whatever you need, and hunters have a lot of such things usually. Sometimes it helps to have blazing orange vest to let other hunters see you and to avoid friendly fire. In some states you’re obliged to have such vest by law. In places where this is not the case, you can use camouflage vest without any problems, that will help you hide in the landscape.

In this overview, we’ve put together several best models made specifically for hunting. Take your time to compare and choose the one you like the best, since all of picked models here are just great and differ only by few features from each other.

Comparison Guide

Top 3 Vests, Editors Pick

1. Browning Bird’n Lite Strap Vest

This is the king of vests . This Browning Vest is rapidly getting to be a popular vest for uplanders seeking out a strap-design vest stuffed with additional features. A couple of the focus attributes are the huge pockets and the internal harness system. This system is made to equally distribute the load between your back and shoulders ensuring easier and more convenient to transport a weighty load in the field.

This vest model is available in two sizes, Medium/Large and X-Large/2-XL. It is pretty flexible and allows you to easily get a comfy tight fit. Another thing to take note of here is the amount of orange material. A lot of it on the whole vest, keeping it extremely visible and complying with the state rules for blaze orange.

2. Gamehide Switchgrass Upland Field Bird Hunting Vest

This top quality hunting field vest is produced using tough, heavy duty cotton canvas and will endure any impacts that are usual to environment that you will find yourself in. The zippered pockets are easily opened letting you to take boxes of shells or some other essential things with you.

There are sixteen flexible shell holders on the front to let you be you all set for the flush and also there is the blood-proof catch bag that will save your clothing from being spoiled by blood leaks. Orange shoulder band-aids and back panel ensures your safety from friendly fire in the field.

  • Rear loading blood-proof catch bag
  • Very large zippered pockets for additional shells
  • Front shell holders with textile gun protector
  • Padded shoulders for extra shooting convenience
  • Sturdy cotton canvas material with excellent stitching

3. Vism Hunting Vest, Blaze Orange and Tan

This is really good vest with blaze orange identifier to suit hunting policies in certain states, and to let other people to quickly identify you on the hunting spot. Side pouches ensure your ability to take additional hunting equipment or shells. There is also a rear pocket that can be conveniently used for carrying small catch.

  • Be ready for open season with the VISM Vest
  • Blaze Orange and Tan color mix
  • 2 big primary front pockets are ideal for holding a box of shells and one sizeable rear game pocket
  • Flexible shell loops hold additional shells easily available
  • Dual quilted thin recoil pads

Buying Guide – Nuances to Look AT

The main purpose for owning a good hunting vest is to take full advantage of protection and usability without giving up on mobility. A vest can provide some protection from physical impact and from the cold weather. While this protection will not be ultimate, it can be quite enough in certain conditions. Usability is primarily defined by amount and size of additional pockets and spring hooks.


Prior to buying a hunting vest, it is critical to think about what sort of items you’ll be carrying with you in your vest. Special pouches can accommodate store specific things such as maps, radio stations, as well as hydration gear.


You need to think about the environment and areas where you’ll be hunting in. If they will need to crawl around or move quickly, they will want a durable vest. If you’re going to use your vest often, durability becomes a very important feature. Besides usual ability to endure physical impact, the materials the vest is made of should be resistible to simple intense wear and tear during the regular use.


While some hunting vests may be just of single size, some models may be offered in several sizes in order to fit the owner easily and to ensure optimal mobility.

Best Hunting Vest
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