Best Sun Protection Hats

This guide is meant to give you an overview of the best sun protection hats and help you in choosing the best model. There is a comparison chart with most interesting hats. Also there is a buying guide that will let you know the primary aspects to take into account.

Choosing sun hat is not that simple as it may seem to be. You need to buy just what is the best for your needs, what will be convenient and fun to wear.

Why is sun hat important thing to have by your hand? In the course of everyday activities, your head, face skin, and neck is frequently not protected from sun enough. Medical researches proved that 33% of all skin cancers take place right around the people’s face and neck areas because of UV rays damage. This kind of damage is also guilty for premature aging that people start to face with right from the childhood. Sun hats do good job in protecting subject skin areas from harmful UV radiation.

Comparison Chart of Best Models

Top Hats for Men Comparison

Top Hats for Women Comparison

Buying Guide, The Key Aspects To Take Into Account

Brim Size

If you want to guarantee appropriate sun protection from UV radiation, pick a hat with a minimum 3 inches of brim width because that is the main functional part that saves you from the sun. A plain 3-inch brim does good job at blocking the straight UV rays that tend to attack the ears and face sides. But if you want to ensure total and maximum protection without any chance to get exposed to sun rays – you’d better to go with 4-inch brim.

The strength of the sun radiation alters during the day. It reaches it’s maximum at noon because the sun is straight overhead. That is the time when a 3-inch brim hat will be great because rays fall straight downwards. During the morning and evening hours, sun rays are falling at some angle, making you want wide brim hat. Though, light’s intensity is not quite high, so your risk also isn’t. This is when you’d better to use 4-inch brim.


Hats made of UPF 50+ component are good at blocking 98 % of the harmful UVA and UVB components of sun radiation. Any material or fabric blocks UV radiation can be used for ultra-violet protection. A sun hat must not let sun light to pass through when you look through it against a sunlight.

Its vital to think about the fabric to be appropriate to wearing and treatment conditions. You will face the necessity to choose between stiff and soft hats, the ones that are ok with machine washing, or made of softer material, and so on. Think about the climate you will wear it in, breathability (for hot climate) and water resistance for rainy seasons. There are two main types of materials:

  • natural – straw, hemp, raffia, cotton
  • synthetic – polyester, nylon

Brim Shape

UV rays can be mirrored or dispersed by various surfaces, like snow can mirror uo to 80% of such radiation, dry beach sand can reflect nearly 15% and sea surface does nearly 25%. The mirrired UV radiation can pass below the hat brim and can easily shine onto your face skin, ears and neck. There is a good protection from this kind of rays – brims that curve down and are positioned closer to your face. When you’re thinking about your regular activity – it is also good time to consider the brim’s shape. Different outdoor activities require different brim shapes – like sports or driving, fishing or hunting, walking or sitting.


For highest level of protection, it’s better to use white-colored sun hats because they tend to reflect the best, not absorbing much of a heat. Darker hats will absorb more heat and will be warm or even hot underneath. Same way, dark color under the brim won’t reflect the rays that will bounce right to your face then, it will absorb them.

Take note that darker hat will be much easier to keep visually clean, so you might want to go for balanced decision – khaki or beige. Your regular environment is also vital to look at. Is it an environment with a lot of sand/snow/water that reflect sunrays? Then go for a darker colors under the brim. Are you going to wear your hat in the city? Then you might need something more fashionable.

Other Minor Factors

In addition to the mentioned above main factors, it might be a good idea to think about your activities and weather you want a hat for. Are you a traveler? Then your hat must be easily packable, the one that preserves it’s shape in any conditions. Frequent washing necessity narrows down your choice to the corresponding characteristics.

Best Sun Protection Hats
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