Best Ground Blind

Here we’re going to help you choose the best ground blind, the one that will help you to be more effective during your hunt and have better success. Probably the simplest kind of hunting blind is the ground type. This is a typically a bit of camo fabric and a couple of poles.

Ground type benefits: simplicity of deployment and use, pretty light in weight and affordable. A lot of professional photographers, both still and video, take advantage of this type of blinds considering that they need much less room to deploy in and use.

Drawbacks: it can’t hide hunters or photographers completely from a game’s eyes similar to how the other types of blinds do. It also gives minimal protection if severe weather happens.

Transportable ground hunting blinds are more well-liked and favored than ever, and there is a reason for that. They attract mature hunters who don’t like wasting energy climbing trees and to parents aiming to spend the time outdoors together with a kid while keeping their feet on dry land. Ground type of blinds has entirely changed turkey bow hunting process. For the other people these blinds just go where tree-stands can’t reach. Hub-type blinds that can be packed in to a bag and feature an incorporated frame for quick deployment and dismantling – are the bestsellers in this group.

We received experience share from several hunters who tested their blinds and provided their authoritative opinions to the best mobility, camouflage, and usability. Based on that we formed up top editors’ choice models that you can see below the comparison chart.

Comparison of Best Models

Top 4 Models, Editors’ Choice

1. Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind

We mention this model first for a reason. It features the finest combo of benefits and strong construction. It is quick and simple to deploy and to dismantle, although you should do it with caution to avoid losing the detachable windows. You will most probably like the large window openings, with a very large vertical and horizontal dimensions.

The fabric tightly fits over the whole structure, and also the inner straps and pockets, that can be helpful to hang or stow some stuff. There is absolutely no fragile parts in this blind. You will probably like the 4 foldout blaze-orange parts on the roof, which can be used to increase your safety. The entrance design is made for convenient in and out.

  • Main benefits: Ample inner space.
  • Drawbacks: Backpack bands are not adaptable.

    • 2. Primos Double Bull

      Specs: 70″ tall, 77″ wide; 22 lb.

      Most of the interviewed hunters are big fans of this great model. It is well-designed with an excellent 360-degree panorama. There is ample space inside, can accommodate you plus a couple of children. This is a great option for people trying to find a sizable blind.

      Features sturdy and strong materials, huge zippers and pulls. The double-wide door doesn’t use any zippers, making it really easy for you to get in/out, not taking off your backpack and weapon. It’s a little harder to deploy this one than other models but the advantages worth it.

      The hook-strap window design is “quick, quiet, and practical. While storage bag might be a little better thought out – currently it has only 1 strap, which makes it a little hard to transport.

      The front window allows as much as 180 degrees view.

      • Best advantage” Largest inner space
      • Drawback: Lack of storage pockets

      3. The Watch Tower – 2 person Blind

      • 2 Person Blind- Specs: 70 in. x 70 in. x 65 in.
      • Set-up/take down time – under 2 minutes
      • Backpack carrying case
      • Water resistant/ Black shadow guard interior
      • Windows on all sides

      4. 2-Person Ameristep Deluxe Tent

      • The tent chair blind cameos in the Realtree Xtra Camo With front and side zippered windows the blind is easy to use
      • The Realtree Xtra hunting chair blind chair is attached to the blind, so no assembly is requires and it comes with a carrying case and shoulder strap for easy transport
      • Realtree XtraTM camo pattern, Front and side zippered windows
      • Carrying case with shoulder strap ,Chair attached to blind, no assembly required
      • 61″ Wide x 52″ Deep x 20″ Tall

      Hints for Regular Using

      During a hunt, when you need to deploy and use it, make minimal openings instead of unzipping the windows entirely. This provides less risk to be spotted by your prey when you’re inside.

      Don’t make yourself visible from all directions by unzipping a 360-degree bank of windows. This way any of your small movements will put you at risk of scaring away animals. Keep the rear side closed, at least.

      Make certain there’s ample space. For rifle hunters that won’t be a big problem of sticking the gun through the small opening, but bow hunters should ensure there is enough room to prepare their bow for a shoot and aim the target without touching blind’s sides. Bow hunters should make a decision whether they will shoot through the small ports in the mesh or open the windows.

      Practice deploying and dismantling beforehand. Probably it’s a good idea to practice in making preparation and shoot also. You need to be ready to act when on the spot. That is especially true for archers because they need more space.

Best Ground Blind
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