Best Mountain Bike – Fitting, Choosing and Buying

If you’re on a mission to find the best mountain bike for your journeys, this is the right review and comparison page that will help you make the right decision with confidence.

Our reviewers collected here only the most deserving bikes that have proved to be of exceptional comfort, best features and reliable riding. Leading technology advancements employed in these best models are assessed against retail price and finally the total score was assigned to make your choice even easier.

The suggested bikes were ordered for reviews and testers used them extensively in their home cities and around there for around a week, each day. All of the models suggested here were much appreciated by the guys and girls and most of them even bought same models themselves.

The bikes reviewed below are the top combination of comfort, versatility, features and reliability for affordable price.

Our choosing guide will walk you through the process of choice with ease and fun, you will know the amount of money it is fair to pay for a decent mountain bike. The main features are noted here as well so you can see and choose what is most important for you.

How much is it fair to spend?

Budget would be an important factor for newcomers and basically for many experienced riders. Wise people know how to value the money, right?

Your budget will greatly affect the final result in bikes. However, when you can spend more – you need to be sure that you’re getting real advantages. Likewise, when you’re saving – you need to be sure that you’re not ripping yourself of important factors like safety or necessary features.

So, let’s go check which is the best one for you.

Quick Reviews of Best Models

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Mountain Bike

This model is a bestseller and there are quite a few reasons for that. It is quite simple one though it has all it’s parts made with top-notch technologies and sub-parts are from famous brands. Aluminum frame makes it super easy to drive uphill. Plus, Single Pivot technology in the frame is a good factor. It has 24 Shimano drivetrain to fine-tune the riding load.

The dual suspension is a great factor to safety and nice riding. Shimano shifters are well respected among bike riders for a reason. Suspension can be adjusted at rear and front. One moe good point is that you can quickly release the both wheels for better packing into a car.

  • Pros: Affordable and great at the same time
  • Cons: Assembly is required – being shipped disassembled

Mongoose R2780 Impasse Dual Full Suspension

This is a well-made all around trail bike. Built with agressive riding in mind. The Hightower is a great choice for the cyclist who prefers a highly efficient trail bike that levels performance with the capability to deal with off-road trial.

Customers that prefer a not as heavy duty trail bike, but are comfortable with aggressive enduro rigs, are going to like this bicycle very much. Folks considering the pure, strong, and fast trail bike might that this model is too much for them.

Get it if you dream of a well balanced mountain bike that smoothly goes up the mountain and rushes back down like an arrow. The most of singletracks are just fine with Hightower. The multipurpose nature of this model is unsurpassed in itself.

  • Pros: Aggressive, multipurpose
  • Cons: May be too heavy for those who need lighter bike

Merax Falcon Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a playful bike.

The Merax Falcon is surely the winner in “playful” nomination among mountain bikes. It has tires with width of 29 inches to ensure extra grip. The handling very responsive and a rider really feels this bike as their own body. Notwithstanding the width of it’s tires the bike is maneuverable. The dialed suspension setup and wheels make sure that you will be comfortable on long distances. One of testers witnessed that the bike is so fun and confident to ride that you can forget to take rests. However, it is generally designed as a short-travel bike, with a great climbing comfort (though not as fast as some).

Go for it if you enjoy comfortable and dynamic downhill riding. The Falcon is ideal for people that take pleasure in a wide variety of routes but stay clear of the extra rough ones.

  • Pros: Playful and maneuverable
  • Cons: Not the fastest climbing ability

Merax Finiss 26″ Mountain Bike

This bike is perfect for middle-distance rides. That is to say that almost all of tracks in most of mountains are suitable for this. Here manufacturer tried and succeeded in combining great maneuverability with an exceptional stability. Pedals are made to provide extra comfortable foot position to let you put off unwanted load off it. This bike is a rocket.

Solid gearing enagles you to climb uphill much easier and faster than you might think just by looking at this bike. The tires could be wider, actually. However, they are made this way for a reason. The bike perfectly handles it’s travel range.

This would be your choice if you need fast trail bike especially perfect in riding downhill. Also – if your trails are not extra rough.

  • Pros: Easy uphill, perfect downhill, fast
  • Cons: Not so confident on rough terrain because of tires size.

ORKAN 27.5″ Mountain Bike

You will feel the most powerful spirit of competition with this mountain bike. It’s performing quite well on daily trails as well. The downhill rush is stable and comfortable on this one. It’s made sturdy enough to bear a lot of impact being off-road. You may feel that it’s stiff then riding over small bumps on the trail. However, this same quality makes it perfect to resisting rough road. The suspension is designed for unstoppable climb during all day. However, it may slack on some technical climbs. When get on it, you may want to ride longer distances just to feel it longer.

You will definitely notice that this bike is more calm thaqn others when riding over big obstacles, especially when downhills. Better traction predetermined by the specific suspension design make it a better climber than bikes with similar price.

This bike is for you of you’re an aggressive climber and fast descender. The more riding skills you have the more potential this bike will show you, putting a straight line in any rough trails.

  • Pros: Great climbing, stable descending, stable on rough terrain.
  • Cons: May feel stiff on smal bumps.

Dynacraft Men’s 26″ 21 Speed Alpine Eagle Bike

Fulfill your entire wingspan with Dynacraft 26″ Men’s Alpine Eagle bike !

With this bike you’ll be rocket fast! It is equipped with 21-speed transmission and for shifting there is a synonym of reliability – Shimano, ready to conquer. There are V-type brakes on both wheels for confident stopping on rough road. The wheels are 26” and the frame is made of well-performing steel for better shock resistance. The manufacturer is so confident in his bike that they offer a lifetime warranty for fork and steel frame. With 30.87 lbs in weight you’ll have a fun and easy mountain climbing experience. Can suit for kids starting from 12 y.o. and for adults up to 275 pounds.

  • Pros: Fast bike, strong base
  • Cons: May be unstable on extra-rough track

Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black

The bike with 29-inch wheels, a bike for adults. You may be a complete newbee or an advanced rider – this bike is welcoming and forgiving but at the same time there is a lot of potential for more aggressive riding. It’s frame is very light though strong with premium alluminium allow. The lighter weight is also achieved by using specific profile of tumes. Such profile spreads the load and shock in right directions of structure thus allowing light frame to be so strong. The sreering is also very precise with specifically formed structure. All mechanisms in the rear side are made with heavy duty dunctioning in mind so you can rest assured about risks there.

The bike is shipped being pre-assembled so you only have to take a few steps tuning it a little bit and there you go ready to ride.

  • Pros: Extra-reliable, lightweight, strong
  • Cons: Not for kids (see tire size)

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a great bike with full suspension (rear and front) for extra soft ride and aluminium frame for lighter weight. It goes so smoothly over menium and big bumps and it’s weight lets you easily go uphill for long time without taking rests. Like previous example, this one also has riliable 21-speed transmission with Shimano controller. Great and easy stopping is predetermined by linaer brakes on each wheel.

This bike is considered an entry level. However, all it’s mechanisms are reliable and well-thought. So notwithstanding your experience, if you’re on a budget – go for it without a doubt. Adults are allowed for up to 330 pounds. The seat here is very nice and comfortable too.

  • Pros: Lightweight, inexpensive.
  • Cons: Some assembly is required (around 15%)

Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a nice-looking bike, which designed with comfort in mind. The convenience of ride is achieved with light weight by aliminium frame with well-thought profile. This is not a heavy-duty bike. It’s more applicable for riding over small-bumps even roads, in parks and around the city. However, you also can do mountain ascending with it – you just won’t be as comfortable with it as with other bikes.

Great suspension and Shimano controller add to the bike’s great performance with comfort.

  • Pros: Stylish, lightweight
  • Cons: Not for heavy mountain rides

Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

This is an aluminum frame, 21-Speed transmission, magnesium alloy wheel trail bike. The front wheel is easily taken off without any tool – quick release for fast car packing. The bike is shipped mostly preassembled. However, you’ll need to do some work with 100% assembly and fine-tuning. This bike is very smooth due to it’s weight and suspension. Great steering control is provided with premium type alluminium suspension fork. 21-speed transmission with Shimano controller – as always, quality first. The brakes are disc-type, both front and rear – they provide extra powerful stopping.

  • Pros: Fast and easy to pack in car
  • Cons: Assembly & tuning required.
Best Mountain Bike – Fitting, Choosing and Buying
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