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This guide will help you choosing the Best Climbing Tree Stand. You’ll see comparison chart of best models out there, then top 3 models and finally there will be some additional notes to take into account. Enjoy your choosing and buying with us.

The regular opposition of climbing stands and hang-on models has been started a long while ago. Actually, there is no such thing as “the better” one. All of them are designed for specific job and demands. Many hunters may like hang on versions considering their better ability to adapt to unusually shaped trees and ones with a plenty of branches. Climbing stands versions necessitate a more nicely, straight-shaped tree to work efficiently. On the other hand, climbers come with a couple of remarkable benefits that may allow them to win this battle and become a winner in terms of usability and overall performance.

The flexibility of climbing models is their most significant benefit in comparison to the hang on stands. Climbers are easier when you need to move your spot when you observe game in the vicinity. They are compact, convenient to deploy and dismantle and not heavy to transport around. Removing a hang on stand and deploying it on another tree may make a lot of noise, so while you’re setting it up – your game can be scared away. Climbing models are an excellent way to change your location dynamically. Their transportability is incomparable.

Also during a night hunting session, a climber makes it super-easy for you to proceed with setting it up, where hang-on model will cause you a lot of problems. So, with climber you save time and will be silent, that’s good for a hunter. With some climbing models you might notice no difference in moving a spot during a day and night.

The comfort of climbers is also better than hang on models can offer. A lot of climbers are made with nicely padded seats installed. Paying extended periods of time hanging around while an animal comes closer becomes significantly more comfortable thing if you’re using a climber. Your back will be saved from pain and discomfort with the soft support of a backrest.

In general, climbing versions can handle more scenarios than their hang on competitors. Hang on have their own area of specific usage but climbing stands still win it all, in terms of money-application usefulness/quality ratio.

Comparison Chart

Top 3 of the Best Climbing Tree Stands, Editors’ Choice

1. Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

This model folds down to a comfortable 5″ profile for effortless moving in the field. Extra Sit-Climb strap provides a secondary climbing method. Nicely proportioned single-piece, 30″ x 19-1/2″ cast-aluminum platform presents you enough space. Shaped foam seat pad ensures cozy sitting. Cast bow rack can support the majority of parallel-limb bows. Features backpack securings. Works with trees 6″ to 19″ diameter. This model is tested to TMA criteria and features a full-body safety harness along with Suspension Relief System (SRS).

  • Platform size: 30″ x 19-1/2″
  • Weight: 17-1/2 lbs.
  • Weight capacity: up to 350 lbs.
  • Camo pattern: Realtree AP

2. Summit 81052 Viper Classic Steel Self-Climbing Tree Stand

Material: steel. This sturdy tree stand comes with a spacious platform and seat, it definitely won’t restrict your movements up there while you hunt. The RapidClimb braces help maintain your feet in stable position and safe while you ascend, and 5 self-adhesive traction strips can optionally be fastened to the platform for an extra stability. The camo convenient pad connects to the frame for relaxed ascending, and due to the nesting layout and backpack transporting straps, this model is quick and easy to move.

  • Steel frame layout ensures sturdiness
  • 20″W x 35″L steel platform lets you take a secure position
  • 21″W x 27.5″L seat for adequate sitting space
  • 5 self-adhesive traction strips
  • Instructional DVD

3. Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

This model has became unsurpassed due to it’s great comfort, quietness and safety. Snakeable cables with QuickDraw ™ triggers are super easy to fasten. Zero pins, knobs, nuts or bolts are required. Simply pull the cord in the frame and ascend a tree. Padded wraparound bar serves as a gun holder. Features noise-free technology. This model meets TMA criteria. Features RapidClimb ™ Stirrups, a full-body safety harness along with Suspension Relief System (SRS) and transporting straps.

  • Seat size: 18″ x 12″
  • Platform size: 20″ x 28-3/4″
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Camo pattern: Realtree AP

Additional Notes To Take Into Account

Tree Stand Safety

Poorly made or weakened stands may break down under some dynamic load, or alternatively a hunter can just make the wrong step that may cost him a broken arm or leg. There are different casual situations, steps can get unsafe and hunters may drop off to sleep. When hunting using stands got too popular, we noticed a boost in the amount of accidents associated with stands. A number of such injuries can be avoided if you will use the effective safety equipment, careful routines, and correct use and upkeep of your hardware.

Besides ensuring the good state of stand itself, the most critical safe technique is making use of a climbing harness. There are harness models made exclusively for ensuring safety on a tree stand. No matter what sort of fall-prevention or fall-arrest technique is employed; it must be a professionally-designed protection device. Securing a rope around your chest or to your belt cannot be deemed reliable fall-arrest equipment. Ropes can result in major internal traumas when you’re falling with them fastened to the body parts. A rope can even turn a falling person bottom up not protecting from the falling at all.

An additional threat is the risk of falling when you’re hanging your weapon. Falling right on an arrow broadhead, or unintentionally shooting a firearm during a fall presents a risk of killing the hunter. Just make it your rule not to climb a tree stand holding weapons or hardware and you’ll save yourself from such accidents. Instead, hunting tools and weapon must be elevated and taken down by secured ropes system.

Obviously, all the safety preventative measures that are suitable to other hunting journeys also relate to a tree stand hunting. The weapons must be used properly and responsibly. You’d better to have a med kit with you and be aware how to use it. Also, always keep a travel plan and show it to family members and friends before you depart, and do not consume alcohol before and during a hunt. have a whistle around your neck or in a pocket, with good accessibility, since although a harness and safety line are able to protect a hunter against falling, hanging on a rope halfway down until you’ll be found can be tedious.

It is necessary be aware that there is a risk of hitting the ground critically, because even a 5-6 feet height may be dangerous to fall from, with the risk of breaking the spine, resulting in disability or even loss of life. The higher the fall, the greater the risk of ending up being unexpectedly disabled alone in the forest.

Quality of a Climbing Stand

The Treestand Manufacturers Association endorses tree stands developed sticking to their safety criteria. Used ones should be inspected for bends, damages, any missing parts or fasteners, or any other symptoms of destruction. Any maintenance and repairs must be carried out using parts developed specifically for that exact stand model, because parts purchased from a shelf at a casual store may be not safe and sturdy enough to guarantee your safety. Notwithstanding if it’s an old or new, an effective tree stand also must be convenient, lightweight, and noiseless. The one that makes noise when the hunter walks around will certainly scare away game.


Tree stand add-ons and accessories include any tools/equipment that is not included in price together with a stand itself. Some add-ons are downright basic needs, like a harness or steps. Replacement components will become needed at some point, also. Other extras just contribute to performance and features, like a skirt to shade/cover the stand or a cough silencer. Some of the other extras contribute to comfort, like seat pads or a shielding roof. In order to use a stand effectively, a hunter should be ok with siting silently in it for several hours. A comfort is a thing that is unique to each person, so listen to your needs.


Tree stands have come to be a primary device during a hunt, and today’s tree stand concepts and safety criteria make professionally-made equipment much more protected and reliable than self-made ones. But that is still just a device. It cannot substitute the skill and understanding of the game’s behavior. The right tree stand will just increase chances of successful hunt for a person who attentively and carefully approaches the process.

Best Climbing Tree Stand
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