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Choosing the best ladder stand might be quite a hard quest. The hunting equipment niche has expanded a lot during the latest years, providing a wide range of products and accessories, with various components and characteristics. This was, definitely, a win for people that love hunting and outdoor adventures. However, the people need to be super savvy now, more reasonable and more knowledgeable about their goals and criteria when they have to deal with hunting stuff.

Ladder tree stands play a very big role in hunting process these days. Experienced hunters know that a tree is a good partner in hunting with the use of proper stand. So, the most important part is to choose a stand that totally suits your bodyweight, hunting style and needs.

The advantage of these ladder type of stands is that they work fine on practically every tree and, similarly to climbing type, don’t need screw-in steps. A number of premium ladder stands are almost loveseats, providing padded benches and space for a couple of people. Having said that, such privilege will cost you a lot, and money is not the primary burden here but its weight. Such stands can even reach 100+ pounds, so that you will not be able to carry and deploy it alone.

Some of them may require a car to transport. The majority of models are also far more noticeable and exposed to deer compared to any climbing or hang-on stands (though a few use really compact ladders), making them ideal primarily for firearm hunters, as opposed to bow hunters that require deer to come close to them to be able to make a successful shot. Ladder models differ in price, but a lot of them cost more or less at the average price level of a climbing stand.

And, as each hunter requires a helping hand, we are here to ease your job. Below you can see comparison of best models that we managed to find. Below that there is a section with top 3 models (editors’ choice). Read on, choose wisely and keep in mind that there can’t be 100% perfect things.

Comparison Chart, the Best Stands

Top 3 Models

1. Sniper Deluxe 2-man Ladder Tree Stand 18

Sniper Deluxe 2-Man Hunting Ladder model. A durable, sizable, lofty perch. You will have enough room to sit for long time with comfort. If you aren’t alone – no problem, there is enough room for a couple of grown-up people. This stand offers a whole 18′ of hunter’s advantage, which can be deemed serious. Additionally, the padded shooting rail can be deployed according to the style of shot you intend to take. Comes with all of the important accessories, including two safety harnesses.

  • Steel construction
  • 37 x 13″ platform
  • 38 x 13″ seat with 1″ cushion
  • Padded shooting rail easily flips up
  • 2 safety harnesses included
  • Includes fasteners and adjustable support bar
  • 9″ minimum tree diameter
  • Seat height: 17′
  • Weighs 65 lbs. 500-lb. capacity
  • This is a Sportsman s Guide exclusive item.

2. Sniper Treestands The Sharp Shooter Hunting Tree Stand

You are free to aim in any direction. Your game may approach from any angle – that is not a problem. You can change your position and aiming direction for a shot from a seated position. The seat rotates 360 degrees – just like the office chair. Thus, now you can sit perfectly and securely take aim not twisting yourself. Additionally, there’s a cushioned wrap-around backrest. And if you intend to stand up and make a shoot from a wide stand, the platform is spacious enough with dimensions of 32″ x 32″, it will accommodate you well.

  • Durable steel structure2 ratchet straps provided
  • Seat silently rotates 360 for fast aiming
  • Padded wrap-around shooting rail
  • 22″ x 13″ seat
  • 8″ x 14″ x 2″ backrest
  • 4-point full-body harness
  • 16′ to shooting rail
  • Weighs 85 lbs

3. Summit Solo Pro Ladder Stand

This model comes with a full and spacious platform, comfortable seat, cushioned back rest, and a shock absorbing gun rest. This all makes this 2-man stand the ideal tool to take, whether you’re hunting alone or with a partner. There are all required pads, accessories, ropes and straps in the box.

  • Sturdy Powder Coated Steel Structure
  • Wide Seat with Backrest
  • Detachable Seat for Storage Space
  • Gun Rest
  • 2 x 4 Point FAS (harnesses)Attached SRS strap
  • Cam lock Stabilizer Straps
  • Ratchet Platform Strap
  • User Manual With Instructions
  • Safety/ Instructional DVD
  • Stand Weight: 87 lbs.
  • Construction: Steel
  • Tree Size: 8 – 20 in Diameter
  • Height: 15 ft to platform/ 18 ft to gun rest
  • Seat Height: 18 in From Platform
  • Seat Size: (base) 37 in wide by 15 1/2 in long – with backrest
  • Overall Size: (platform) 39 in wide by 32 in long
  • Platform Area: 39 in wide by 32 in long

Additional Notes To Know

Ladder stands do the great job for hunters with a more steady hunting style that depends mostly upon hiding, mimicry and scent elimination. Also, long range hunters with firearm typically favor ladder stands due to the best possible stability.

One drawback of ladder type is that deer or any other animal can observe the ladder and understand that there might be some danger upstairs. A ladder type of tree stand will take time and effort to change your hunting spot, unlike other types – so bow hunters won’t be very big fans of it.

How To Assess

There are several primary aspects that you need to think about before you choose: durability, the parts quality, size, weight, cost, elevation, conformance to the safety criteria, comfort.

Hunting Stand Accessories

A variety of accessories designed to provide ease of use and comfort are out there, some examples are: concealing blind kits, umbrellas, safety locks, and so on. When it comes to hang-on stands the primary add-on is tree steps. Ladder stands also have their set of specified accessories. Padded seats, foot rest, and adaptable shooting rails are there specifically to increase hunting efficiency and comfort.

Treestand Hunting Safety

Stand makers acknowledge that safety must always be the priority consideration when dealing with a tree stand, therefore a lot of models include a safety harness these days. Make it your habit to wear it when ascending, descending or staying up there.

It is a good idea to get totally familiar with the use and functionality of a tree stand that you have just bought. Pay some time to practice setting it up, climbing and putting it down. Use typical, easy trees to start with. This way you’ll save yourself from unexpected complications in the woods.

Also don’t forget to always to examine your tree stand when a hunting season starts to ensure that all parts, components and links are tight and secured, nothing is worn out or broken.

Best Ladder Stand
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