Best Dive Watches, Choosing The Best One

Currently there is a wide assortment of dive watches that you can choose from on the market. You can find a model that will fit your unique demands – speaking of design, shape and size/color. However, a number of them are fashion trend watches only pretending to look like dive watches. Although they may have been styled to look like the best fit to a classic diver, they often have no chance to steadily work or even survive under the water’s surface. Certainly, such watch will be a waste of money. So what should you do to make the right choice and get a nice, and at the same time, practical dive watch?

When beginning your hunt for the best dive model that you will use with comfort on your travel or activities it is vital to ensure the watch has the regular functions necessary for a reliable and wonderful dive. A few of these functions belong to personal taste, while at the same time other features are definitely required for your diving safety measures and for longevity of the watch.

Besides the standard functions of the watch an additional factor to consider is the price. It is for you to choose whether you spend extra money for a famous brand, perfect quality assurance, and unusual materials or stay with a simple and at the same time just trustworthy workhorse? Fortunately you have a lot of models to choose from that most probably will fit you well within any budget. And here we will review how to choose the best diving model just for you.

Comparison Table

Top 3 Dive Watch Models

1. Cressi Leonardo Wrist Computer

An elegant expression. Simple and usable design. The Leonardo is a very good choice both for new-comers and experienced divers. An interface with single button makes it easy to program Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes from the very beginning.

A sizeable high-definition display provides large numerical displays in a computer, at the same time letting it be compact and friendly to journeys. The clearly noticeable battery state sign and loud audible alarms deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during a dive session. The Leonardo model can be fully re-set after each use, making it a great choice for rental departments.

  • CRESSI RGBM algorithm
  • Logbook (70 hours or 60 dives)
  • CNS oxygen toxicity graphic indicator.
  • Unit of measure change

2. Pyle Waterproof Underwater Snorkeling & Diving Multi-Function Water Sport Wrist Watch

It’s the perfect accessory for underwater action. Whether it is the lake or ocean, you still have access to a variety of water conditional details. You can use it in or under the water. This model is ideal for diving, snorkeling, swimming and will operate in any wet conditions.

Long-lasting, durable and engineered with marine grade waterproof construction in mind, this watch provides stability in all conditions. Feel free to splash, dive or cannon ball right into the water.

This watch comes equipped with 5 operating functions: Chronograph, Current Time, Dual Time, Countdown Timer, Diving Modes. In addition to functioning as a normal time device, the PSNKW30 can do much more. And best of all, you can enjoy all of said functions underwater.

Once you go over 1.5 meters under water, for 10 seconds, Dive Mode automatically turns on. Dive Mode records the start time and date of the current dive session/instance, elapsed time, maximum reached depth and minimum water temperature. While in Dive Mode, you still have the access to usual functions. Pyle keeps it easy for you to monitor of all your underwater adventures. The Electro-Luminescent backlight display illuminates the watch face as soon as you press any button. The blue glow works well even in dark surroundings.

  • Water Depth
  • Maximum 100 records to be recorded and recall
  • Countdown Timer
  • Resolution: 0.1 ft
  • Automatically activate/deactivate Dive mode

3. Casio Men’s Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch

This model combines well-designed style with sturdy construction and rugged look.

This model has stainless steel case and analog-digital display for timeless analog look and functionality. This display combination lets you to see up to 2 times or alternatively the date with week-day. The resilient silver stainless steel case measures 45mm wide and it’s complemented by a black resin band. The bezel gives Arabic numeral readout along with small minute indexes. The dark dial face features luminous hour markers, oversized lume hands and a digital section.

Timekeeping features include dual time, a daily alarm, automatic calendar, and a 24-hour stopwatch. Other features consist of a ± 30-second monthly accuracy, mineral crystal that protects from scratches, and 330 feet water resistance providing protection from unintentional splashes and at the same time appropriate for swimming, snorkeling, and light recreational diving.

  • Stainless-steel case
  • Black dial
  • Date-and-day functions
  • Water resistant to 660 feet

The 6 Must Haves of a Real Dive Watch

Water Resistance

This is, of course, the most essential and important characteristic in all dive watches. The most frustrating thing that can happen is when you see you. If you find water inside your watch during a diving session where you need all the help of your timepiece but it can’t help you. And after that you can just dispose it.

More often than not a diver will require at least 200 meters (or 660 feet) water resistance. A certified international standard ISO-6425 specifically outlines this level. Dive watch that meets this criterion has to resist a pressure level that is 25 % more than their specified water resistant depth. Therefore, said watch model with 200 meters of resistance has to pass a lab test simulating 250 meters.

To reach water resistance ratings of more than 200 meters, the whole watch structure has to be designed with structural strength in mind. To resist 1000m+ depths extra elements may be necessary, for example significantly thicker crystals, super-strong cases, Helium safety valves, etc.

The case should be constructed from special stainless steel, 361L surgical grade (or alternatively titanium) to resist the extreme underwater pressures. Besides great strength, these said materials feature better corrosion resistance.

Case Back, Screw Down Crown, Pushers

Since the crown and case back are highly vulnerable device parts for water penetrate, your watch should employ a screw down mechanism and also good gaskets to guarantee a surefire water tight seal. You need to ensure before any diving session that every pusher and crown is tightly screwed down for a secure seal. Be sure that your watch model has feature. Some top manufacturers employ sealing solutions that consist of double gaskets, or alternatively cam locking systems, but typically the screw down method is the most reliable, and consequently – most widely applied.

Unidirectional Rotating Bezel

All dive watches suitable to be considered should have a unidirectional rotating bezel with a luminous marker on the 12 o’clock position. Such bezel provides you an alternative way to measure elapsed time quickly and easily. The unidirectional essence of the bezel is a safety attribute that guarantees that the dial won’t accidentally move backwards in the course of of diving session.

Such movement could provide false impression there is more time left than there really is. If you accidentally touch the unidirectional bezel in such a way that it moves – it will move only in one direction. That can only cause you to earlier surface arrival. You can understand that it’s very important feature in the limited oxygen conditions.

Clear Readability

There can be quite dark under the water, especially if you go far below. Therefore your dive watch should be clear, uncluttered, and easy to read in one second. The hands, markers and dial surface should be large and uncluttered, with ample amounts of luminosity.

Corrosion Resistance

One essential attribute of a good dive watch that can accidentally be overlooked is the presence corrosion resistant materials, as well as easy cleaned materials avoid sea salt accumulation. You should seek high grade stainless steel or titanium cases. Alternative materials that may possibly be used are ceramics and rubber. Stay clear of plastics as they will get brittle over time.

Specific Bracelet Or Strap

More often than not a diver would like to wear his watch not only under water but also in everyday life. That’s why it’s vital to look for a bracelet or strap that is good in either condition. During a diving session you will generally want to put your watch over a wetsuit, and as such will need to enlarge it to fit. All serious dive models should have a concealed extendable deployment clasp that can let the bracelet to be extended to let you wear it over a wetsuit. If you do not like a metal bracelet, you can look for some rubber or nylon straps as they would also do the job.


All the rest features are up to you. You can revert to comparison or check top 3 models reviews to get another look at best models and choose the one that will suit you.

Let us summarize all the most important features that you should make sure a dive watch model to have:

Water resistance, unidirectional dial, good luminosity and readability, screw down crown (or alternative sealing system), corrosion resistance, adjustable bracelet or expandable strap.

Best Dive Watches, Choosing The Best One
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