Best Men’s Outdoor Watches Choosing Guide

Rugged, durable, withstands abuse and goes strong, works in all conditions. All that should describe the best men’s outdoors watches. Simply because tough men require strong timepieces that will remain functional after any action, shed the dirt, and resist a hit. Whatever outdoor activities you’re up for, your watches should answer the call.

Shock and stain-resistance, extra waterproof, multi-functions – all those and many more features should be present in your potential watches. Here you will find the best one. Take a look at comparison and buying guide as well as at top-5 choice to find what is the best choice.

Comparison guide

Here you can choose the best watches for men.

Top 3 Outdoor Watches For Men

1. Suunto Core All Black Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

Regardless of where you happen to get ot, the Columbia’s Singletrak watch will let you easily get back on track. This model provides Trakbak Technology, precise compass, and a rotating bidirectional bezel. With a wide functions set such as thermometer and several countdown timers, and strong casing, this equipment piece was created to guide you through any outdoors route.

This model was introduced in 2010 and it’s still actual. It incorporates all features that one may need in outdoor activities. Compact plastic case with rotating plastic bezel and mineral crystal dial window make an attractive and sturdy composition. The watch is quite sizeable with 50mm case diameter.

Cozy polyurethane band with 20mm thickness will easily rest on your wrist.

Japanese Quartz movement will make sure that your watch is always precise and sharp in readings. It is also up to 100 meters water-proof.

  • Compass
  • Trakbak technology
  • Rotating bezel
  • Temperature
  • Countdown timers
  • 50 lap memory
  • Alarm
  • 10 run data storage
  • Water resistant

2. Timex Men’s EXPEDITION Analog and Digital Combo Watch

Time-honored analog design with readable digital display is harmonically incorporated in this Timex model for men. A resilient and compact olive-green resin casing provides good protection against physical impact and an efficient nylon strap gives unique rugged look the whole timepiece.

You can monitor time on outdoor camping or hiking journeys with this durable wristwatch by Timex. Bright hour and minute hands ensure that you easily read the time in the complete darkness.

The convenient buckle holds the nylon band secure on your hand. This watch is very comfortable to wear during whole day. The model is 100 meters water-resistant, it can be worn with assurance in practically any outdoor environment.

  • Indiglo® night-light
  • Analog and Digital Displays
  • 24-Hour Chronograph
  • 24-Hour Countdown Timer
  • Lap and Split Times
  • Water resistant

3. Casio Men’s G7900-1 G-Shock Rescue Digital Sport Watch

This model delivers supreme durability, delivers a completely new standard of protection. It is designed and set up for rough and rugged circumstances. Case and bezel are divided into 4 sections for 4 levels of separate protection levels. Large buttons ensure easy manipulating. This model is very good at resisting very low temperatures. Moon and tide data offer important details for marine experts & fans. The sizable LCD is divided into sections to make it easy for you to find information when you need it.

4 alarms for every day, and 1 snooze alarm that is good when you’re on a journey and have to wake up on time, hourly time alert and dual stopwatch. Stopwatches have different styles for elapsed, split, and 1st-2nd place times.

This model is armed with comprehensive auto-calendar, 12/24 hour styles, when t comes to the accuracy you can be sure that it is not more than 15 seconds monthly. The power is supplied by aCR2025 battery. The estimated battery longevity is 2 years. This Analog/Digital G-Shock model has a black resin band.

  • Shock resistant
  • Moon and tide graphs
  • Low temp LCD
  • Auto EL backlight
  • Flash alert
  • World time
  • Daily alarm
  • Chronograph

Buying guide – key features to take note of:


Although the durability of outdoor watches is the highly important feature, the significance of any kind of watch starts with the dial. Your ability to quickly receive the information showed on the dial makes it all the it comes to usefulness. Some proper favor digital dial , but digital ones can be hard to be seen dark conditions, whereas an intense, glowing readout is not acceptable for some tactical or military situations when stealth is important. Analog display can be necessary in a situation where you require a sweep second hand. If you need timer then both analog and digital solutions will suit. Outdoor watches must at least come with luminous hands or digits to let you easily see the readout in low-light environments. The ability of watch to absorb luminosity quick is important because this process takes some time (and in some circumstances – long time).

Outdoor style watches are preferably to display military time. Some models make it possible for instant correction of time zone, which can be good for mariners, pilots or just a person who frequently travels. It’s especially helpful if the watch can feature several time zones simultaneously, or at the very least lets you quickly compare your current time with another time zone.


The crystal is transparent material (usually plastic or glass) cover through which you you observe the dial face. Generally it’s easy to ensure the durability of a watch case, since you can create it from any kind of material. But it’s a lot more difficult to make something equally as durable and transparent at the same time. Crystals on outdoor lifestyle watches should be extra resistant to environment and activities impacts such as scratches and shocks.

Usually modern outdoor watches manufacturers use sapphire or a K1 hardened mineral for crystal production. These materials are a lot more resistant from scratches and shatter-resistant than the ones in regular watches. Timepieces made for extremely rough usage can even have a wire screen to safeguard the crystal. Yet, there’s a specific limit their sturdiness that must not affect the transparency and readout availability.


Watchbands are attribute that come in a whole lot of varieties and any person can choose something most unique and tight-fitting to his/her own needs and feel. The watch should remain comfortably on your wrist, otherwise it will continuously disturb you, and outdoor watches must be entirely forgotten with the exception of moments when you decide to checking the readout. A watch designed for outdoor use should have durable and rugged bands to ensure long-lasting wear.

Watchband should also ensure very easy putting on and hard to loosen or fall off. The watchband’s material must conform all outdoor activities or special conditions that it’s likely to face. You can choose between heavy cloth, leather, silicone rubber or webbed nylon according to the amount of water it will be exposed to. It also matters how you will wear it – over the sleeve or straight on the wrist.

Resistance to Water

The least resistance to water or pressure that is recommended for outdoor-style watch is 200 meters. For people engaged in diving activities that standard can be enhanced to 500 meters.

Shock resistance

A shock resistance is usually being tested by applying physical impact. Statistics of shock resistance differ, depending on the type of impact – from direct blow to vibration, you can imagine all the rest. A most popular shock assessment is the height from which you can safely drop the watch.


Men’s outdoor watches should be a very reliable, durable, useful and convenient timepiece. Also it may (or may not, depending on you) be stylish. Usually the external beautifulness is being sacrificed to achieve robustness and ability to withstand any situation and impact. Our comparison table and top 5 reviews will help you to choose the best ones for you.

Best Men’s Outdoor Watches Choosing Guide
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