Best Military Watches For Men

When it comes to military watches for men, they are characterized basically as watches have to work without any flaws while being heavily used in rough conditions). The top segment is usually divers watches. Then pilot (aviator) watches take the second place together with racing chronographs. Field watches hold third part in middle to low-price segment. Even though there are many good military watches out there, some of them tend to be overlooked, mainly because their definition is kind of more unclear than their competitor models.

So, what makes a perfect military watch for a man? They should suit the military specifications, be rugged, durable and easy to read in hard situations. They definitely should have quite specific characteristics: resistible to hard physical impacts like scree-scrambling, brush-clearing and desk-bumping; for extended time of guaranteed work, functions like luminous markers / hands, hacking seconds, and an unnoticeable wearing are highly valued; they should be sturdy, effective, and provide all the info that might be required by their owner.

Taking that all into account, such watches (when chosen right) are a perfect help and tool for any expeditions from quick camping to climbing highest mountains. Below, besides comparison table of best matches you can see 5 excellent choices for all kinds of heavy usage – from sports through hunting to military use.

Comparison table

Top 3 men’s military watches

1. G-Shock Ana-digi World Time Black Dial Men’s watch

With this military model you will easily make your presence noticeable. This G-Shock wristwatch is made of black resin band and nice case having logo at bezel. Split digital/analog display dial has good resistance to shock and magnetic impact, automatic LED light and afterglow, world time, 4 everyday alarms (1 snooze), hourly time alert, stop-watch, countdown timer, comprehensive calendar and different time formats. Quartz movement ensures supreme accuracy. 200 meters water resistance makes it possible to going into recreational scuba diving. Limited warranty for up to 1 year.

  • Shock Resistant
  • Magnetic Resistant
  • 200 Meter Water Resistant
  • Auto LED Light with Afterglow
  • World Time
  • Hourly Time Signal
  • 4 Daily Alarms
  • 1/1000 Second Stopwatch
  • Countdown Timer
  • Full Auto-Calendar

2. Casio Men’s GA100SD-8A “G-Shock Military” Watch

The Casio G-Shock Military is perfect for the armed forces men that intend to go unobserved. Striving to get camouflage, this model from Casio blends comfortably into army uniforms, providing you the low-profile handsomeness you want. Practical and streamlined, the this model can immediately be calibrated for military time and presents both an analog and digital data. It has one of the best possible protection set against shock, water, and magnetic impact.

The Military Sand collection offers great beige colorways this model. Fashioned after camo uniforms used in the desert, the casing and straps are completely in flat sand beige color with face and feature labels in black. This model feature a new style of military colors in both functional and trend layers. Resin strap will let the watch to comfortably lay on your wrist.

  • Military-inspired watch
  • Multiple displays
  • Ribbed band
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Protective mineral crystal
  • Shock resistance
  • Auto LED light
  • World time
  • 4 daily alarms

3. G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV

The simply styled G-Shock Classic is still the most popular model.2011 was this model’s releasing. People who bought it during launch report that their chronometers still work flawlessly. Such a high durability is due to perfectly incorporated resistance to shocks, impact and vibrations.

This model is designed to be a best partner in your outdoor adventures. The watch has a streamlined case , and it’s commonly men’s military model. Though it’s size can let it be unisex. The whole surface of G100-1BV is black with the exception of the impressive red logo and “Shock Resist” letters. while the band looks thick it softly and conveniently rests on the wrist without any disturbance.

G100-1BV has both types of display – analog/digital, providing casual sport feel perfectly mixed with formal impression. Hands and hour markers have luminescent surface allowing you to easily read it in the darkness. You can also see time in digital format behind the hands.

Some of the main features: daily alarm system, date display, 1/100-second stopwatch, several time zones, etc. 200 meters water resistance makes it perfect for underwater such as scuba diving. watch is very precise, with the error on average not more than 10 seconds within a month.

  • Shock Resistant
  • 200M Water Resistant
  • Magnetic Resistant
  • EL Backlight with Afterglow
  • Dual Time
  • Daily Alarm
  • Stopwatch
  • Auto Calendar
  • 12/24 Hour Formats


There are a lot of military watches that a man can choose. However, they all pertain to their own group that commonly has different specifications based on the type of usage they are designed for. Besides, even within a group (from model to model) there can be significant difference.

In order to keep a sharp eye on all the best models and be able to easily choose one that is the best for you, check our comparison table and buying guide here.

Best Military Watches For Men
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