Best Tactical Watches with Compass

When it comes to outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, diving, orienteering or special operations/military use – tactical watches with compass will be very helpful and they can often save you time, effort and even life in some circumstances.

Such watches will be ideal for enthusiasts who spend some time under extreme conditions and require knowing the directions. They must withstand hard impacts and provide all necessary information on the go.

Comparison guide

Here you can choose the best model for you. All of them are equipped with compass.

Top 3 Compass-Equipped Tactical Watches

1. Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch with Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, and Depth Measurement

Improving the excellence of the glorious Suunto Vector, the Suunto Core makes sure that you stay updated on the surrounding conditions when you go hiking, bike riding, or go camping, this model is a great assistant for outdoor activity. To begin with, it can feel an approaching storm even if the weather seems to be clear.

This smart Storm Alarm is one of many smart functions that aim to keep you safe and risk-free – is triggered by an accelerated reduction of atmospheric pressure over a 3-hour time frame. When the Core senses the alteration, the Storm Alarm comes up and notifies you. The integrated altimeter shows your current elevation, indicates the amount of meters that you’ve climbed or gone down, and logs your entire vertical movement for later evaluation.

Precise to within 30,000 feet, the sensor is a very important tool for alpinism, backcountry skiing, and wilderness trips. There also are a barometer, an electronic thermometer, a weather pattern guide, and a computerized compass and you have a great wrist-top computer for nearly all your outdoor necessities.

  • Wrist-top computer watch
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Weather indicator
  • Intelligent storm alarm

2. Casio Men’s PAG240T-7CR Pathfinder Triple-Sensor Stainless Steel Watch with Titanium Bracelet

This PAG240 modes is equipped with all the nice Triple Sensor features that everyone got used to in previous models, aтв this model is additionally equipped with Tough Solar Power that also can charge itself. It has more practical exterior case style, has a bunch of extra features including Sunrise-Sunset info, World Time with 48 locations, and Countdown Timer.

This full-feature Men’s Pathfinder Watch is loaded with latest necessary attributes, such as a titanium band that is being secured a double fold-over safety clasp and a multiple sensor that gives altimeter, air pressure, temperature, and compass data. And that is not all. This model’s sizable digital display is illuminated for night-hours usage, and world time is easily accessible with 48 different locations – an useful function when you’re journeying. Additional technical functions include 5 alarms, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and the possibility to show time in two formats. Several easy-to-press buttons encompass its resin case, ensuring easy access to all functions. Furthermore, this watch is 330-feer waterproof. It has efficient digital quartz movement, and its window is protected with a mineral crystal.

  • Solar-powered
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Thermometer
  • Compass information
  • Low-temperature resistance
  • Backlight with after-glow
  • World time

3. Timex Men’s T49612 “Expedition Trail Series” Black and Green Watch

While Expedition Trail Series resembles a casual wristwatch, it features a highly precise electronic compass to help you stay on your course during any kind of activity. Compass functions provide bearings based upon 16 key points marked in degrees and a feature that allows you to specify declination angle according to geography. It has a sizable, sturdy and light resin case. Compass headings are featured on a gray ring. It also has a chronograph with 10 hour time lapse, English or metric units, 660 feet water proof, and a long lasting resin band.

The Indiglo ® illumination consistently lights the watch face using branded blue electrically luminescent technology. It requires less battery energy than other illumination technologies, which saves your battery life. The Night Mode function lets you to lighten the Indiglo ® night-light for three seconds using any button , no matter which mode the watch is on.

  • Accurate digital compass
  • Quartz movement
  • Acrylic crystal window
  • Resin band / buckle closure
  • 660 feet waterproof

Buying guide – key features to take note of:

Built-In or Slip-on Compass

This capability is the primary one within the context of this buying guide. Your watch should be able to let you know where magnetic north is. This way you’ll be aware of the cardinal directions.
Your compass watch would also help you to follow a bearing. You can easily recognize such watch by bezel ring outside the watch face. You can rotate such ring thus setting the specific azimuth that you then will follow.

Digital compass VS magnet

Digital compass has some lag in response time and will not provide you the compass reading right away. Free-floating magnet compass on the opposite provide not so accurate but fast information. Such compass should have tritium vials or battery-powered back-light to make it possible to use it not only in daylight but at night as well.


The case is the main part of your watch. It protects all the built in mechanisms, so a durable watch starts with a hard frame.


Military/tactical watch cases can be made from touch materials like stainless steel. Steel case is the most long-lasting one, compared to any other materials.


If you need light-weight watches specifically, there are lighter materials like polymer-plastic or ceramic available. Some people even can prefer non-steel cases for different reasons (besides weight). For example, firefighters deal with heat and metallic watch will hurt during a mission. The other problem can be the static electricity. Try to choose the case that matches your regular activities and lifestyle.

The Watch Movement

A movement is basically all the internal, moving parts. Nearly all tactical watches rely on either a quartz movement, or as a digital solution, an electronic module. Only these 2 contemporary technologies provide durability and shock-resistance and due accuracy. So they are suitable the tough use in tactical or military context. Keep in mind that despite the environment a watch works in, its movements must examined and serviced once every 5 years.

Battery / Self-Winding

Watches that involve winding must be stayed clear of when looking for a tactical ones, not just because its’ easy to forget to wind it. The winding stem is the most sensitive part on any watch and increases the risk of watch failure since it must pierce the case. It just doesn’t have to be a part of any tactical watches.

Self-winding system can use the watch user’s own movement energy for internal rewind mechanism to do the job automatically. Tactical watches will be easy to rewind because they are usually being used roughly.

As for the battery, in watches that are designed for tactical use it must last for long time. Though it will stop working someday without any warning. You need to ensure that your potential watch will be able to work for at least 4 years without battery replacement. Then you will roughly know when you need to change the bat.


Overall, it must be said that a compass can be a very important part of tactical watch. The compass solutions come in a wide variety of possible solutions and technology. It is important to mind your activities and needs when finding out which solution and technology fits you best. Our buying guide and comparison table will help you to do the choosing job.

Best Tactical Watches with Compass
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