Most Durable Watch, How To Choose One

Without any doubt, all people want trendy, really comfortable and most durable watches. Such watches would be the best value for their cost and are will last for a number of years. No matter if you are planning to wear your watch in official circumstances or casual events, during journeys, or in any sport session, you must think of several points before you buy the perfect model that fits you the best.

You need to do your best at evaluation to find the most durable one according to your requirements, taste and budget. After all, that thing will determine your personal style and self-esteem.

Comparison Guide

Durable Watches – The Main Attributes

There are a lot of famous watch manufacturers that offer their brands. All of them can offer you a vast variety of models, styles and concepts. However, the process of choosing watch when durability is the main factor can be quite a hard and puzzling task. If you’re not sure which factors you should consider and which features contribute to the watches’ durability – then a wrong choice is a very easy thing to make.

Below we stated most important factors and features that you can note of when choosing the right model. Also you can take a look at comparison of best models.

All this will help you to make the right decision.

Durable watches are designed for people that love and need sturdiness over anything else. But how can durability be measured?

You can find watches that are made to resist high shock impacts and shaking. At the same time such models can be highly vulnerable to chemical substances like insect repellent or even sweat. Therefore there is no definite and specific measurement that surely defines durability of the watch. One of the most apparent factors that can point to a fact that a wristwatch is durable is when a model is specifically designed for military or if it’s typically being used by military units.

If we stick only to this measurement, it is very easy to suppose that the most rugged and durable models worldwide must be the similar to G-Shock and Luminox military models. Since Casio introduced the initial G-Shock watch model three decades ago, G-Shock watches keep on develop their credibility as the rugged and sturdy watches in the world.

Besides G-Shock you can find many tough watches but the majority of them stand out only in particular circumstances/environments that they are efficiently developed for. On top of that, there are no brands that can provide such considerable rugged/durable watches assortment as Casio G-Shock does.

Companies like Seiko may have gained appreciation from the people for a few of their wristwatch designs but that is all. Casio G-Shock keeps on top of the rating and so far there are no brands that could compare a lot.

Durable watch hunters don’t belong to a specific kind of people. They are different because many activities require tough watches, and often people just like to have something robust and reliable.

If you belong to an adventure seekers and love skydiving, rope jumping, parachuting, you need the toughest watches that you can find because only they can endure the enormous powers of gravity. If you are into diving, you need to look for watches that can withstand lowest depths – like 100 or 200 meters. If you are military person, you know for sure that any battlefield is unpredictable and you will need toughest watches that will be able to survive the extreme conditions.

For example, if you need a watch that can endure hard conditions both ashore and on water, you can freely consider G-Shock Frogman. Of course, you will still spot tough watches other than G-Shock that are suitable for use by professional scuba diver. As for watches designed specifically for pilots -G-Shock aviation is quite a wise choice.

Buying Guide – What to Look For

– Waterproof – Heavy duty watches are water proof to great depths. Such watches are ideal for sport events.

– Scratch Resistance – Tough watches should have a solid dial window material that protects your watch against from any external damage like scratches.

– Strong Material – Pay attention to the material used for making the watch, especially such as its case, band, and window. Wristwatches with case made from a stainless steel, accompanied with rubber or leather strap are much more durable compared to the others.

Reasons to look for

– Comfort – There is no point spending your money on getting a watch that is not convenient in wearing. Durable watches usually have their case made from a stainless steel or even titanium case. Make sure to find a watch model that has soft leather, light rubber, or resin band, considering that such materials are highly durable, sustainable and providing a good comfort level.

– Price tag – Durable wristwatches are available all segments – pricey, moderately priced and cheap one. You just have to pick a model with good durability within your comfortable budget. Always try to get the most quality for your money.

– The Brand – There are a lot of famous watch brands provided on the market that offer very budget-friendly durable watch models. Be sure to choose the one that offers a low-cost yet durable and classy watch with style that you’ll love.

– Design, Fashion and Color – If you are trying to find a particular watch with a certain design, look and color, you may be amazed when you find plenty of alternatives to choose from. This is where you need to remember that besides fashion there is more important aim – to get the most durable timepiece.

Most Durable Watch, How To Choose One
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