The Best Running GPS Watch

Running watches generally made in such a fashion that emphasizes the strong temper and professional nature of their owner. With the modern advancements in satellite positioning technologies, many brands started to produce running GPS watch.

As for the additional features that come besides GPS, running watches should always show accurate time and strong battery to ensure that it will endure increased power requirements. You definitely don’t want your watch to turn off because of the run-out battery when on a route.

For civil enthusiasts sometimes there are situations when you have to stay out of electricity for long time when you won’t have ability to recharge your watch. That’s why you need to choose high battery capacity watches if you want to use GPS functionality.

Integrated compass and altimeter will render additional help in navigation, determining position and heading, and map reading. Inbuilt barometer will let you be aware of oncoming weather changes.

Another useful function that every person might require is thermometer that will allow you to monitor temperature changes and state. Sunrise/sunset times and various alarms usually come added to a list of features to provide you with a good arsenal of functions, so that your watches become a good friend and assistant to you.

Check out the comparison of most suitable models to find out which of them suit you the best.

Comparison guide

Top 3 GPS Running Models Reviews

1. TomTom Runner GPS Watch

The TomTom Runner is a GPS-equipped watch designed specifically for runners that prefer to keep track of their workouts outside and in the gym. Whole running information can be posted to the MySports website as well as other specific websites.

The manufacturer formerly worked together with Nike to produce the Nike SportWatch. This model is done by them entirely.

This model has an integrated accelerometer and sensors to operate both outside and within the gym presenting you right type of data you would want to have on your sports watches. there are real-time readings for distance, pace, average pace, stride length, calories burned and lap times. Bluetooth support makes it possible you synchronize the watch with supplementary devices, even a heart rate strap in the event that you intend to workout in targeted running zones.

You can also use regular watch functions, like 24-hour format and an alarm if you want a push to get early and have a run. There’s also vibration alerts tha will keep you warned when you run listening music.

The brand-new visual training partner is designed to push you to perform more effectively in your sessions. Depending on the different running tasks, the training partner can show the current run and past run on the display. Or if you have established a target to achieve 10km distance, the watch will show progress in a percentage. Among the best features there is the QuickGPSFix innovation. Many sports watches are troubled with GPS signal problems. TomTom includes technological advances it works with for its satnavs to enhance the effectiveness of GPS signal receipt. The choice to split the GPS receiver from the watch screen is plainly a move to enhance a connection.

  • Extra-Large
  • Graphical Training Partner
  • 3 unique training modes
  • One-Button Control
  • Indoor Tracker
  • QuickGPSFix Technology

2. Garmin Forerunner 110W GPS enabled Sports Watch with HRM

Smart Training

No matter what your training schedule is, having correct training data is important. Forerunner 110 takes GPS signal to precisely document your distance, time and speed. Information from every run is saved to the device’s memory, so you can check back your last week or month performance. Or you can even upload to Garmin Connect for more in-depth study.


Designed to be super easy to operate. 110 is the easiest training gadget. From the very beginning, you’ll charge it, bring it outdoors to find GPS signal and make a few setup taps. Then simply press start and you’re ready to go. When training session is over, press stop. It is that simple.

Stick to Your Heart

Some editions of the Forerunner 110 include a heart rate computer monitor to show your heart rate. It also shows heart rate-based calorie calculations to precisely monitor your calories lost. If you buy the a model without heart monitor, you can still buy a separate monitor.

Upload, Assess and Share

Novice and experienced runners understand that examining data from your session can be inspiring and give purposeful feedback for progress. Monitoring your details is easy with Garmin Connect website for cost-free data evaluation and storing. Simply upload from your laptop to the website and see the path you covered on a map, check out a summary of your training details, establish goals and so on.

Quick and Precise

Forerunner 110 has HotFix satellite prognosis, so it finds satellites promptly making it able to start running session right away. It additionally has a high-sensitivity GPS module to stay tuned onto satellites, even around high buildings or under some cover.

  • All original accessories
  • GPS-enabled trainer watch
  • Records your distance, time and pace
  • Upload data to Garmin Connect
  • Rechargeable battery 8 hours life / 3 weeks in power save mode

3. EZON GPS Sports Watch Outdoor with Distance Pace Alarm and Calorie Counter for Men

Your Personal Automatic Coach

Forerunner 220 quantities necessary running information like distance, speed and heart rate. It’s similar to having a coach with you, giving real-time feedback and documenting all your stats so you can concentrate on your session. Aside from using GPS to compute distance and speed, the this model has an integrated accelerometer.

It lets it to record distance and speed information when you’re working out on a treadmill or indoors. The accelerometer can additionally monitor distance if GPS is out, for example, when you in a tunnel. It can use all of the free training programs from Garmin Connect, that you can set up and forward to your watch device, for real-time guidance.

Friendly Interface

This 220 model is the first running watch that have a color screen, which makes it effortless to decipher your information at a glance. It additionally includes easy button usage and a durable, hinged wrist strap that’s cozy for any wrist.

Additional Workouts Features

You can create alarms for specific heart rate, speed or run/walk periods to let you remain in the desired condition. The watch can provide vibration and audible signals, and you can easily personalize it to give both or only one kind of signal. When your session is finished and stored in device’s history, an after-run recap shows up and you can check how you did. The 220 even tells you if you achieved any records on current run session, such as your speediest distance, or your longest run so far.

Stay Tuned

If you’re just like the majority of runners, you desire to examine your statistics shortly after your training session. The problem here may be that you laptop is not accessible right now. Forerunner 220 addresses that issue by immediately publishing your information to Garmin Connect, the free online website.

There you can store, plan and discuss your progress. Just download and install the free application “Garmin Connect” to your mobile device and pair your watch. After you save your finished run session, it will instantly submit to Garmin Connect as soon as you’re near your mobile device.

  • High-resolution color display
  • Comfortable, lightweight design
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Connected features
  • Automatic uploads to Garmin Connect
  • Live tracking and social media


GPS function is a very useful one, it allows you to always be sure where your position is. That can ensure your survival and safe activities. The only drawback of GPS is increased power consumption. To compensate on that you need to choose watches with higher capacity battery. Additionally, you can carry external battery (power bank) with you to be able to recharge anytime.

The Best Running GPS Watch
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