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Being ready for anything is very important in outdoors endeavors, be that a camping journey, hunting or whatever else. Tactical knife is an important part of your equipment if you’re getting yourself the best set and want to be prepared. You may also need such knife for everyday life depending on what your activities are. This kind of knives have been carried by different kinds of heavy-duty personnel and people with active lifestyle.

A tactical knife should serve you for many purposes, starting as a multitool for camping purposes straight to a combat knife to defend your life in the wilderness. They usually have a military style and are made for a wide variety of actions as possible. The cutting ability should be exceptional – fast and effortless. Tactical piece should perform it’s best during any amount of time without fails.

How are they different from regular knives? There is no sharp border between both. However you can surely say that a tactical knive is built to be much stronger than usual one.

In order to choose the right one, you need to check below comparison and explanations. There you’ll see the difference between them and it will be easier to make right decision. Check the below list and you will definitely find one that will be a perfect addition to your arsenal.

Zero Tolerance 0095BW

This one is quite a tiny guy. If you compare it to an average knife you’ll think that it’s small. Don’t get misled – it’s a tough piece. It perfectly fits the purpose of everyday carry and well deserves to be called “tactical”. The lightweight structure is achieved with titanium handle and S35VN steel ensures sharpness maintenance for extra time.

As a bonus, there is a titanium frame lock that comes with a touch lock bar insert for blade protection. You can see the KVT ball bearing deployment system there. The knife is equally comfortable for left/right-handed people.

  • Pros: Lightweight, small, tough
  • Cons: Maybe small for some jobs

Smith and Wesson Border Guard 2 Rescue Knife

This knife makes a good balance between combat, self-defence and survival types. It can serve as any of these with great efficiency, therefore it’s truly tactical piece.

Handle is equipped with safety-belt cutting feature. there is also a glass-breaking ability inside. So, for rescue operations you can use it without blade opening. The length of blade is 4.4 in, made of 440C steel. The blade has serrator. The opening is smooth and fast. Handle’s surface is made of textured alluminium.

If you are looking for a great EDC for an acceptable price, this model will be your best bet.

  • Pros: Cheap
  • Cons: Tough locking part

Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

This is a knife that can do any job. It’s steel is perfectly manufactured with vacuum heat technology and cooling down with below-zero agent. That perfect steel has a finishing with black Teflon so your knife is OK with exposure to environment – zero rust and also no reflections: tactical all the way. Cuts are smooth and easy with blade maintaining it’s lubrigation.

The weight of this knife is 5.3 Oz, so it’s super easy to carry. The grip on handle ensures easy usage. Tri Ad locker provides a reliable securing.

You will see that it’s a perfect one for it’s affordable price.

  • Pros: Perfect traction
  • Cons: Could shred pocket, be careful when carrying

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8054

The knife is 11 inches long overall, 6 inches of that is for blade. Blade is 5 mm thick. This fixed-blade knife is made primarily as a combat knife. Hard grip is predetermined with G-10 fiberglass on the handle. The advantage is that you can replace it when weared out or if you want to change the hardness of the handle. Basically, the grip is it’s strongest feature which allows for very hard usage with confidence.

Hard tanto end is built for frequent and hard usage. The MX-8054’s weight is 13 oz. and that’s quite a heavy piece. This is inevitable when there is a heavy-duty 44 black steel. There are holes in the area of balance point so you can make a spear if you have a nice branch on hand.

  • Pros: Unsurpassed grip
  • Cons: Not quite a lightweight knife

Tool Logic SL Pro 2 Tactical Knife

This tiny knife has quite a bit of tactical addons, and that makes it multi-tool to some extent. Besides usual duty of a knife (which is to cut/shear/skin), you will receive more than just a blade, with the ability to use it as a tool.

For example, there is a signal whistle that will allow you to inform people around that you might need help. Firestarter with a real flint will be very helpful in the woods or on a survival mission. Another addition is a flashlight – you will be able to shed a light on small targets.

The whole weight is 1.6 oz. and that is quite small piece for easy carrying everyday.

  • Pros: Addons, lightweight for concealed carrying
  • Cons: Tiny

SOG Spec Arc Folding Knife

This knife is designed for a wide variety of job types. Everyday carry is perfect and easy with it’s dimensions and weight (4.4 oz.). The intensity of jobs is not a question with it’s VG-10 steel blady, 4 inches long. The locking is solid and reliable with Arc-Lock. The handle is make of glass reinforced nylon and all that predetermine it’s light weight. This SOG knife sits easy and tight when you carry it. This is a all-in-one solution for a knife at hand, and we surely recommend it.

  • Pros: Comfortable carry, multi-task
  • Cons: Big jobs would be a little hard with it

Gerber 06 Auto Knife

This folding knife gained a well deserved respect from military and heavy duty personnel in US. This tactical piece is good for everyday carry with it’s auto-folding feature. This feature is activated with big release button – so you don’t need to put your gloves off when deploying. Safety was seemingly the priority matter during it’s designing. The knife has steel pommel for glass-breaking feature.

They used S30V stainless steel to form the blade and thus it’s ready to be heavily used in harsh environment. The sharpness lasts for long time without the need to renew.

  • Pros: Easy carry, heavy duty
  • Cons: No
Best Tactical Knife
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